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Yinnar-Yinnar South Landcare Group

Improving Habitat: Food and Shelter for Pollinator Insects

Plants and our planet need insects. In 2020 we started researching this topic and growing some useful plants .

Torquay & District Landcare Group

Unruly Renegrades

Goulburn Valley Tree Group

GVTG activities

The Goulburn Valley Tree group has a native plant nursery at 4-6 Kerford St Tatura, which sells about 40,000 plants...

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

King Parrot Pest Animal Cooperative

The objective of this project is to reduce the impact of foxes and feral cats on biodiversity and stock/agriculture assets...

Yarra Valley Equestrian Landcare Group

Yarra Valley Dung Beetle Challenge 2019-2020 - Final Report

Newham and District Landcare Group

Roadsides Management Group

The Roadside Management sub-group of NDLG meets bi-monthly.

Newham and District Landcare Group

The Campaspe-Maribyrnong headwaters biolink

The Campaspe-Maribyrnong headwaters biolink refers to a network of native vegetation linking Cobaw State Forest and Macedon Regional Park.

Springsure Hill Landcare Group

West Gippsland Seedbank

Aims of the Seedbank To provide a Seedbank in the West Gippsland region for the use and benefit of the...

Muckatah Landcare Group

Op Shop Trail

The Muckatah and District Landcare Group are committed to protecting and restoring our natural environment.

Yea High School Junior Landcare Group

Junior Landcare

Yea High School Landcare activities. Over two days this week students from Yea High School worked with UGLN Landcare Facilitator...

Milawa-Markwood-Oxley Landcare Group

Milawa Primary School - Revegetation Project

Supplied and assisted students to plant 200 seedlings on a block adjacent to the school.

Our Lady of the Way Primary School Junior Landcare

Nesting boxes for wildlife

Students from the Our Lady of the Way Primary School recently built 10 nesting boxes for wildlife.

Upper Plenty Merri Catchments Landcare Group

Weed control field day

Upper Ovens Valley Landcare Group

UOVLG Projects

Find out more about current projects at https://upperovenslandcare.org.au/projects/

Nangana Landcare Network

Beyond Yellingo

The project that brought the member groups of Nangana Landcare Network together and continues to inform our direction is the...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Indian Myna control

Indian Mynas are a feral bird specie in Australia.

Johns Hill Landcare Group

Emerald Star Bush Sustainability project

Due to the endangered conservation status of Emerald Starbush and with exceptionally low numbers of plants in the wild, it...

Yinnar-Yinnar South Landcare Group

Billy's Creek Revegetation project

Yinnar, Yinnar South Landcare group is planting a forest in the Billy's Creek Valley in Jeeralang, Victoria.

Longlea and District Landcare Group

Adopt A Roadside

Adopt a Roadside program aims to reduce litter on Victoria’s roadsides to stop pollutants from entering local waterways, improves the...

Longlea and District Landcare Group


The North Central Waterwatch Program aims to increase the knowledge and skills of community, to help them become custodians of...

South Gippsland Landcare Network

Landcare Group and SGLN Network Membership Information

Visit the SGLN website to learn more about our Landcare groups and how to join them.

Ullina Landcare Group

Glengower Reserve

Ullina Landcare Group manage the Glengower reserve which is 8.5 Ha with the agreement of DELWP who liaise with the...

Wooragee Landcare Group

Management of Warden Lane creek reserve

What was once a pile of rubbish and weeds his being transformed into a lovely picnic area that highlights our...

Mount Alexander region Intrepid Landcare

2022 Calendar of events

Here it is - our ‘Mt Alexander region Intrepid Landcare 2022 calendar’! Keep an eye out for exact dates closer...

Benambra Dinner Plain Omeo Landcare Group

Weed Control Strategies in the High Country

Merri Creek Management Committee

Upper Merri Landcare Facilitator

The Merri Creek Management Committee’s Upper Merri Landcare Facilitator supports Landcare and environmental volunteer groups/networks in the Upper Merri and...

Wallan Environment Group Inc.

Hidden Valley Rail Reserve

A hidden natural gem has been re-discovered by members of the Wallan Environment Group in the far upper reaches of...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Weed Warriors

Weeds are quietly infiltrating our neighbourhoods, threatening biodiversity and impacting everyday life - bindi's are a perfect example causing repeated...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group


110 groups participate in Keep Victoria Beautiful's Adopt A Roadside program.

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Bendigo Creek Habitat Restoration

This has been our major on-ground project since 2010 with many project sites along the Bendigo Creek between Howard St...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group


The North Central Waterwatch Program aims to increase the knowledge and skills of community, to help them become custodians of...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Community Nest Box program

Sightings of sugar gliders at a Huntly Bush Kinder session were the inspiration for this project - a perfect example...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Gardening with indigenous natives

As a peri-urban Landcare Group in a rapidly developing area, we are concerned at the loss of remnant vegetation and...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Living Next To Nature

In 2016, the VNPA undertook the Bendigo Bushland Ambassadors Project and collaborated with groups like ours with the aim of...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Clean Up Australia Day

Each year we try to hold a Clean Up Australia Day event.

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Junior Landcare

Connecting kids with nature is a very strong focus of our group.

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Trees For Mum

Trees for Mum is a free national event inviting children of all ages to celebrate their mum and the beauty...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Huntly - Home of the Whirrakee Wattle

Whirrakee Wattle (Acacia williamsonii) is virtually endemic to the Bendigo region, growing in very few locations other than the Whipstick,...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

National Tree Day

Each year we run a National Tree Day planting event and encourage community action to help revegetate and enhance a...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Fire Ready Native Demonstration Garden

In 2016, Huntly Fire Brigade were very fortunate to have a long-awaited new station built.

Yinnar-Yinnar South Landcare Group

Cherish Our Unique Strzelecki Koalas

Strzelecki Koalas are unique. We know what they eat.

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

Pest Plant Control

Providing incentives for the control of pest plants on properties is a long-standing role provided by the UGLN.

Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group

Conservation Corners- from tight corner to valued habitat

Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group, with support from Wettenhall Environmental Trust, is introducing Conservation Corners; an innovative way to re-establish...

South West Woody Weed Action Team

Swat that weed - Just do it!

Yinnar-Yinnar South Landcare Group

Middle Creek Yinnar South Revegetation Project

Our group members have been collecting local seed and growing it on to plant along upper Middle Creek in Yinnar South.

Nelson Coastcare

Protecting the ecological values of the Lower Glenelg National Park and the spectacular wilderness of the Discovery Bay Coastal Park.

Nelson Coastcare aims to maintain and improve the ecological values that made the area worthy of listing.

Goulburn Valley Tree Group

GVTG Species list

Portland Coastal Cliffs Inc.

Purge the Spurge

Over the past two years the group have been successfully purging the spurge from the sand dune on the main beach.

Yinnar-Yinnar South Landcare Group

Budgeree Bushland Reserve: Maples Massacred /Sycamores Slaughtered

Budgeree Bushland Reserve is at the corner of Whitelaws Track and The Mill Road in Yinnar South.

Deep Creek Landcare Group (covering Lancefield, Romsey & Monegeetta)

Forbes Crossing

Deep Creek Landcare Group (covering Lancefield, Romsey & Monegeetta)

Doggett’s Bridge

Doggett’s Bridge is a site that the Deep Creek Landcare Group has been working on since the group’s beginning.

Deep Creek Landcare Group (covering Lancefield, Romsey & Monegeetta)

Deep Creek Landcare group - Lancefield show

The Deep Creek Landcare group has been a regular feature at the Lancefield show and also at the Lancefield Megafauna festival.

Deep Creek Landcare Group (covering Lancefield, Romsey & Monegeetta)

Sheehan's Crossing Stream side Reserve Project

Sheehan’s Crossing Streamside Reserve (alternately known as Buckley’s Crossing Crown Allotment 50a) is located on the edge of the Volcanic...

Benambra Dinner Plain Omeo Landcare Group

BDPO Landcare Equipment Hire Program

The BDPO own and hire-out a range of equipment to members.

Friends of Cape Nelson Landcare

Picnic Hill Reserve preservation and restoration

A variety of funding sources has contributed to a major restoration of the Glenelg Council's Picnic Hill Reserve through extensive...

Yinnar-Yinnar South Landcare Group

Flaxleaf Broom infestation Whitelaws Track

This was the first project our newly invigorated group undertook in 2007.

Warrnambool Field Naturalists

Survey of Uebergang Trust property, Naringal

This project will help us determine the plants, mammals, birds, invertebrates and reptiles that inhabit this remnant bush property.

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network


Loss of wild trees & shrubs from SW Victoria has been happening long since the Koroit to Hamilton Railway line...

Western Port Intrepid Landcare Group

Friends of Mount Cannibal Working Bee

Working with the Friends of Mount Cannibal to remove Sweet Pittosporum on the slopes of Mount Cannibal Flora & Fauna...

Westernport Swamp Landcare Group

Lang Lang Aboretum

Members have restored the Lang Lang Primary School Arboretum as a special native reserve for students and the public where...

Merricks Coolart Landcare Group

February working bee

Landcare Victoria Inc.

Landcare Voices: 30 Years of Landcare

As part of the 30 years celebrations, the committee decided to create an archive of Landcare Voices.

Connecting Country Network

Our projects

Visit our website to learn about our current and past projects: www.connectingcountry.org.au/about/projects/

Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network

Strategic plan 2019-24 - Buloke & Northern Grampians

Andersons Creek Landcare Group


To subscribe to our newsletter just email Fritz at fuhl@bigpond.net.au

Maude and District Landcare Group

Serrated Tussock in our district

We continue to be vigilant in identifying and removing Serrated Tussock plants throughout the district.

Maldon Urban Landcare Group

Fenced exclosures

MULGA obtained grants between 1993 and 2006 to establish 11 small fenced exclosures in parts of the Maldon Historic Reserve,...

Andersons Creek Landcare Group

Husseys Lane Roadside Reserve

This roadside reserve is a declared Significant Roadside. The wildflower display in spring is spectacular.

Andersons Creek Landcare Group

Rehabilitation of Andersons Creek

Andersons Creek Landcare holds regular working bees at 10am on Wednesdays, weeding and planting along the banks of the...

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

What are we up to?

Our network is always up to something - but with multiple projects on the go at any one time its...

Yinnar-Yinnar South Landcare Group

Have you heard a growling grass frog?

The Growling Grass Frog (Litoria raniformis) hasn't been identified in Yinnar / Yinnar South for many years.

Napoleons Enfield Landcare Group

Round the Bend and Up the Creek

Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network

Linking the Mornington Peninsula Landscape

A biolink project of the Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network funded by the Natural Resources Conservation League of Victoria Linking the...

Nerrena Tarwin Valley Landcare Group

Black Spur Creek Wetlands restoration

The Black Spur Creek Wetland (BSCW) Project area is 100 acres of public land, once railway reserve, that lies between...

Kara Kara Conservation Management Network

Nest-boxes for threatened and declining species

The Kara Kara CMN is based in St Arnaud in north-central Victoria, an ecologically-diverse region containing sizeable tracts of remnant...

Kara Kara Conservation Management Network

Nest-box for threatened and declining species

Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network

Small Rural Property Guide

Resource for landholders, information, sustainable land use The Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network is currently developing a "Small Rural Property Guide"...

Mt Worth and District Landcare Group Inc

Protecting Waterways

Protection of waterways is a key aspect to ensuring sustainable agriculture.

Mt Worth and District Landcare Group Inc

Landcare in Action

Within the Landcare group, there are different types of Landcare activities available to members.

Mt Worth and District Landcare Group Inc

Weed Management

WEED MANAGEMENT IS EVERYONES BUSINESS In a community survey in 2013, weeds were identified to be one of the most significant...

Mt Worth and District Landcare Group Inc

Community Projects

Seaview Mechanics Institute In 2012, Landcare members and Seaview Mechanics Institute members worked to establish a small Indigenous community garden...

Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network

MPLN Biolinks Plan

The 11 Landcare groups of the Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network have developed a biolinks plan based upon vegetation quality analysis...

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

CHLG position on Melbourne Water land sales

Melbourne Water is currently in the process of divesting a number of properties that it owns in Christmas Hills that...

First Friends of Dandenong Creek

Go to our website for project details

Upper Deep Creek Landcare Network

Landcare Facilitator - Upper Deep Creek Landcare Network

In 2011, the Upper Deep Creek Landcare Network was successful in securing Victorian Government funding (until June 2015), through the Victorian...

Swifts Creek Ensay Landcare Group

Poet's Walk Community Project

Over the coming 12 months, a group of local community members will work on reducing invasive plants and animals, removing...

Gippsland Intrepid Landcare

Willow mapping in the Upper Macalister

We're going to help map willows for the CMA so they can manage them at a later date.

Middle Yarra Landcare Network


Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Shop online and get the shops to donate to the Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Raise funds for us just by SHOPPING & SAVING https://www.shopnate.com.au/web/christmas-hills-landcare-group Shop with hundreds of famous retailers who provide DEALS and...

Wooragee Landcare Group

Banksia Marginata project

Wooragee Landcare were fortunate to receive a grant under the Wettenhall Small Environmental Grant scheme.

Main Creek Catchment Landcare Group

Main Creek Biolink

The Main Creek Catchment Landcare Group is working with local properties to establish a major biolink to enable native species...

Baranduda Landcare Group

Birdscaping in our local region

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Christmas Hills Community Fauna Monitoring Project 2011 -

The Christmas Hills Landcare Group is running a project to enable local people to detect the presence of different native...

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Christmas Hills Woody Weed Control 2012 -

This is an ongoing project that continues to seek funding to help landholders manage environmental woody weeds on their properties.

Kinglake Scouts Junior Landcare Group

Visit to Healesville Sanctuary

Thanks to funding provided by the GBCMA the Kinglake Scouts Junior Landcare Group visited the Healesville Sanctuary.

Kinglake Scouts Junior Landcare Group

Nest box project

The Kinglake Scouts recently helped to build and paint another 14 nest-boxes.

Kinglake Landcare Group

Clean up Australia Day 2017

At Wallaby Springs Reserve in Kinglake West.

Kinglake Landcare Group

National Tree Day 2013

The Kinglake Landcare Group hosted two National Tree Day activities at  the Koala Browse Reserve in Kinglake.

Kinglake Landcare Group

Wildflower Walk 2013

The Kinglake Landcare Group recently held a morning of investigation of the spring wildflowers of the Kinglake National Park led...

Kinglake Landcare Group

Greater Glider recovery project

Thanks to funding provided by Landcare Australia the Kinglake Landcare Group has been able to provide alternative nesting sites for...

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Christmas Hills Community Environmental Recovery Action Plan 2012

Community Environmental Recovery Action Plan Project (CERAP) Nillumbik Shire Council's Natural Environment Recovery Working  group received funding from the Victorian...

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Christmas Hills Fox Trapping project 2015

In 2015 the Christmas Hills Landcare Group secured funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme via a 2014-15 PPWCMA...

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Christmas Hills Rare Orchid Search 2014

The Christmas Hills Landcare Group engaged the services of Dr Dean Rouse to search for 11 target orchid species on...

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Firescape - planned ecological burning

Firescape is a pilot CFA program which aims to facilitate planned ecological burning on private land.

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

Recording the Environmental History of the Kiewa Valley

"Learning from our Elders - Recording the environmental history of the Kiewa Valley".

Friends of the Mitta

Willow Clearing, Mitta Mitta river gorge

The Mitta Mitta is the most popular whitewater river in Australia, with school groups doing multi-day journeys, commercial rafting, and...

Burke Rd Billabong Committee of Management Inc

Revegetation of Burke Rd Billabong Reserve

The Burke Road Billabong Reserve is approximately 10 hectares of Crown land within the Municipality of Boroondara.

Mitta to Murray Landcare Network

M2M Blackberry Action Group

The Mitta to Murray Landcare Network (M2MLN) established the community driven Mitta to Murray Blackberry Action Group (M2MBAG) for Collective...

Mitta Valley Landcare Group

Member M2M Blackberry Action Group

The Mitta Valley Landcare Group is active member of this community driven Blackberry Action Group for Collective Action to Manage...

Bryants Gap Landcare Group

member M2M Blackberry Action Group

Wises Creek-Talgarno Landcare Group

M2M Blackberry Action Group

The Wises Creek Talgarno Landcare Group is active member of this community driven Blackberry Action Group for Collective Action to...

Jarrahmond Landcare Group

Jarrahmond Avenue of Honour

Jarrahmond Landcare Group takes pride in maintaining the Jarrahmond Avenue of Honour in partnership with the RSL and the Jarrahmond...

Jarrahmond Landcare Group

Birds of Jarrahmond

The Birds of Jarrahmond project compiled a list of the local birds and a brochure of photos.

Benambra Dinner Plain Omeo Landcare Group

Weed Board at Dinner Plain Hut

A display board with visual and text descriptions of weed species in the Alpine Region is proposed for the Dinner...

Middle Yarra Landcare Network

Andersons Creek weedfree and indigenous

Cleaning up alongside Gold Memorial Road (rubbish and weeds) and planting indigenous grasses and shrubs.

Glenaroua Land Management Group

GLMG Broadford Australia Day Festival

Once again GLMG will be catering for the Broadford Community

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

Latham’s Snipe Program

The activities of the secretive Latham’s or Japanese Snipe at a newly recorded feeding location in Moyne Shire have been...

Blampied Kooroocheang Landcare Group

Blampied Kooroocheang Landcare Consortium and RACV funding

Seven diverse environmental and agricultural projects in local communities around the Goldfields region will benefit from close to $180,000 in...

Corangamite Landcare Program


It is with great pride that we launch the Faces of Landcare publication marking 30 years of Landcare in Corangamite.

Sheepwash Creek Landcare Group

Nest box monitoring

NE Dung Beetle Project

"Do it with Dung - from the Mountains to the Murray"

This project aimed to increase landholders' knowledge and use of improved management practices to improve soil health and reduce water...

Friends of Kororoit Creek

Kingdom Hall

Ravenswood Valley Landcare Group

Action Plan 2015-2017

Rabbit management in the Ravenswood Valley In July 2014, in response to the increasing prevalence of rabbits in the Ravenswood...

Stawell Urban Landcare Group

Weed Control

Stawell Urban Landcare Group has successfully applied for grant funding over the years, and has engaged Project Platypus, to have...

Stawell Urban Landcare Group

Adopt a Roadside

Keep Victoria Beautiful Adopt a Roadside program aims to reduce litter on Victoria’s roadsides to stop pollutants from entering local...

Stawell Urban Landcare Group

Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes were made by Stawell Secondary College students and installed in the Box/Ironbark forests at Deep Lead to create...

Stawell Urban Landcare Group

Open Kitchen Garden Day

This project is organised to inspire locals to create food producing home gardens and involves a range of workshops and...

Stawell Urban Landcare Group

Ironbarks Walks

The Ironbarks Walks are held annually to educate local primary school children about the trees and flowers they see and...

Stawell Urban Landcare Group

The Very Pleasant Creek Walk

This is a Stawell Urban Landcare project with a walking track from Federation Park to Stawell Racecourse and has become...

Yarram Yarram Landcare Network

Coastal Saltmarsh Protection Project

The Yarram Yarram Landcare Network Coastal Saltmarsh Protection Project has protected 700ha of saltmarsh since 2009.

Berriwillock Landcare Group

Berriwillock Grains Revegetation project

Lakes Entrance Community Landcare Group

Deer Monitoring

Surverys are being planned to identify deer numbers and behaviours to estimate their impact on new plantings Survey of Zierra...

Baranduda Landcare Group


This project focuses on the Wodonga Retained Environment Strategy

Baranduda Landcare Group

Woody Weed Control

BLC has received funding under the revised Second Generation funding program (Caring for Country) to carry out works designed to...

Baranduda Landcare Group

Web Links

Links to websites that are relevant to Baranduda Landcare and its activities Links to other websites of interest

Baranduda Landcare Group

Volunteer Action

This project documents the implementation of a Volunteer Action project funding received in 2010 which focuses on activities designed to...

Baranduda Landcare Group

Threatened flora

This project presents information and documents activities related to the threatened flora of Baranduda range Threatened plants survey September 21...

Baranduda Landcare Group


Photos, descriptions and observations regarding social activities including the annual "Up the Duda" celebration and "Feral Feast" typically the last...

Lakes Entrance Community Landcare Group

Weed Control

Blackberry, ragwort and Bridal Creeper, attacked with sprays, biological controls or manual labour.

Baranduda Landcare Group

Wodonga Yack Roadside Walking Track & Reserve

This project focuses on the 2km Wodonga - Yackandandah roadside walking track and reserve Baranduda Landcare in conjunction with Baranduda...

Lakes Entrance Community Landcare Group


Where owners see the need to replant the native vegetation - rainforest, Swamp scrub or limestone Box forest we work...

Baranduda Landcare Group


Reptiles and frogs of Baranduda

Baranduda Landcare Group

Past Events

This project contains pdf files of previous years calendar of activities Documents summarising events of Baranduda landcare from 2005 to...

Baranduda Landcare Group

Newsletters & Flyers

Baranduda Landcare Group


Nestbox project Baranduda Landcare has constructed and installed more than 250 nestboxes over the last 5 years aimed at providing...

Baranduda Landcare Group


Promotional or educational videos created by Baranduda Landcare Movies Of Baranduda Landcare This movie was created with funding received via...

Baranduda Landcare Group

Mountain Bike Trail Proposal

This project relates to a proposal to develop a mountain bike trail in the Parklands Albury Wodonga managed area of...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Waterway protection, linking and restoration project

CCMA funding enabled the fencing and re-vegetatation of a 5km stretch of the Woady Yaloak River which included an area...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Increasing landholder knowledge of soil constraints to improve sustainability

Understanding the soil type you are working with is an important aspect of land management.

Baranduda Landcare Group


This project focuses on the flora of the Baranduda district Flora photo album A recommended reference is the Wodonga Retained...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Serrated Tussock - stories from affected landholders DVD

To assist landholders in understanding the destructive potential of serrated tussock, and help in its identification, the Lismore Land Protection...

Baranduda Landcare Group


This project focuses on the fauna of the Baranduda district Fauna List Partially hollow dependent fauna Threatened fauna Totally Hollow...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Primary Schools visit Tower Hill

Lismore and Derrinallum primary schools recently enjoyed a day at Tower Hill.

Baranduda Landcare Group

Climate Change

A project to bring together resources on Climate Change

Lismore Land Protection Group

Native Habitat Protection of the VVP

Lismore Landcare Protection Groups area is fortunate enough to include several wetlands and habitats of high significance to the Victorian...

Baranduda Landcare Group

Communities for Nature

Houses all documents relating to BLC's successful bid for funding announced in April 2012 providing for funds over a 4...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Funding Landcare Facilitators

Lismore Land Protection Group secured funding of $50,000 per year for 3 years to help fund their Landcare Facilitators positions.

Baranduda Landcare Group

Wodonga Urban Landcare Network

Steering committee meeting Baranduda Landcare was part of a successful bid by the consortium of groups including Friends of Willow...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Earlier Projects

Earlier projects and activities undertaken

Baranduda Landcare Group

BLCare Admin Folder

Lismore Land Protection Group

Weerite perennial pasture and healthy soils project

Weerite Landcare Group will engage landholders to undertake a perennial pasture establishment program.

Baranduda Landcare Group

BLC Logo

Design of a logo for Baranduda landcare Baranduda Landcare's official logo was created by Leon Walsh in Dec 2004 building...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Weering Eurack Biodiversity Enhancement Project

This 2011 / 2012 Caring for Our Country Community Action Grant project involves the establishment of biodiversity corridors using indigenous...

Baranduda Landcare Group


Birdscaping your garden - annual Baranduda Landcare activity No matter how small your yard, with some imagination & appropriate plant...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Weerite Perennial Landscape Recovery Project

The Weerite Landcare Group area is located within the Pomborneit-Weerite fire affected area in the 2009 bushfires.

Baranduda Landcare Group

Bicycle Paths

Documents and photos relating to bike path development for Baranduda The establishment of a bicycle path into Wodonga from Baranduda...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Priority Waterway Protection, Enhancement & Restoration Project

During 2010 tributaries of RAMSAR listed wetlands (including Lake Corangamite) will be fenced and protected through a Lismore Land Protection...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Native habitat protection on the Victorian Volcanic Plains

This 2011 / 2012 Caring for Our Country Community Action Grant project aims to protect and enhance native habitat in...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Lismore Healthy Landscape Project

This Victorian Government funded Second Generation Landcare Grant project aims to engage landholders during 2010 - 2011 in a pest...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Cundare Duverney Rabbit Harbour Removal Project

This is a 2010 / 2011 Victorian Government funded Second Generation Landcare Grant to engage landholders in a pest plant...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Comparing conventionally farmed soils to biologically farmed soils

This project builds on a previous trial undertaken in the Lismore district to compare biological farming with conventional district practice...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Soil Core Display Project

LLPG in partnership with DPI will soon be collecting soil core samples from 8 different soil types from within the...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Network Action Plan

This action plan outlines the priorities of the network for the next five years.

Lismore Land Protection Group

Landcare Projects

Landcare projects that have been undertaken in the Lismore area include: Waterways Fencing and revegetating waterways have been a key...

Lismore Land Protection Group

FarmReady Industry Grant project

Over the next 3 years from July 2009 the Lismore Land Protection Group will be delivering a range of workshops...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Farming Flexibility for the Future

During 2010 the Lismore Land Protection Group will be assisting landholders with the establishment of perennial pastures and multi-purpose wide...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Biological Farming project

'Breaking new ground with biological farming' By MONA TIMMS A GROUP of 22 farmers in the Lismore area are involved...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Lightwood Mapping Project

The Corangamite Shire has the funded a Lismore Land Protection Group project aimed at mapping, collecting seed and propagating Lightwood...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Bundaberg Rum Funds Landcare Project at Lismore

Waterway fenced and revegetated at Lismore with assistance from Bundy Bush Fund and Lismore Angling Club volunteers Bundaberg Rum, the...

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Fauna videos from 2015

A selection of videos captured during 2015 of fauna on private properties in Christmas Hills Echidna cooling off - Jan...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Corridors to Corangamite

Over the 2012/13 year Lismore Land Protection Group members planted 34,000 trees across the landscape to provide habitat for wildlife...

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Fauna videos from 2014

A selection of videos captured during 2013 of fauna on private properties in Christmas Hills Common Dunnart - 18.1.14 -...

East Gippsland Landcare Network

Previous Landcare Network Projects

Please note that the projects run by the East Gippsland Landcare Network are constantly changing, if you are interested in...

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Fauna videos from 2013

A selection of videos captured during 2013 of fauna on private properties in Christmas Hills Agile Antechinus - 17.2.13 -...

Bald Hills Creswick Landcare Group

Gorse Control

Since forming, Gorse Control has been of ongoing concern to the group.

Torquay & District Landcare Group

Red Rocks Planting

Quiksilver Foundation sponsored the day's planting and this enabled Quiksilver staff to work alongside members of Torquay Landcare and Angair.

Bellarine Landcare Group

Bellarine Secondary College and Bellarine Landcare Nursery

Produces up to 50,000 local provenance indigenous seedlings per year for Landcare members.

Torquay & District Landcare Group

2010 Quiksilver, Anglesea Dunes Revegetation

Quiksilver continues to sponsor Torquay Landcare's Revegetation projects.

Torquay & District Landcare Group

Learning to Construct a Bird Box

Interacting through a workshop turned out to be a great day for adults and children to learn together.

Upper Murray Landcare Network

Upper Murray Blackberry Action Group

This group formed in March 2005 in response to community concerns on the impacts of blackberry in the upper murray area.

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

CHLG weed and warren mapping project 2009

A project to enable the Christmas Hills Landcare Group to take a strategic approach to managing the threat to our...

Waitchie Landcare Group

Waitchie Rabbit Ripping Program

In Dec 2007 The Waitchie Landcare Group conducted a Rabbit Ripping Program.

Torquay & District Landcare Group

Funds for Farmers

Thanks to the Second Generation Landcare Grant (SGLG1011) Torquay Landcare Group is able to help landholders who have a rabbit...

Waitchie Landcare Group

Tree and Saltbush planting at Stewart's

Rob and Jenny Stewart planted trees and Old Man Saltbush at their Waitchie property.

Torquay & District Landcare Group

Five Steps for Rabbit Control

Good planning and community involvement and cooperation, can produce good control of rabbits not possible if rabbit control is done...

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

Visual Soil Assessment workshop

Sally Cunningham from the department of environment and primary industries will be demonstrating Visual Soil Assessment.

Ovens Landcare Network

Rural Sustainability

A starting point for all information and resources on sustainability issues in a rural environment.

Waitchie Landcare Group

Greg Whitla plants 500 trees

In June 2009 Greg Whitla has fenced an area of 3ha at his Waitchie property and planted, guarded and watered...

Torquay & District Landcare Group

Farm Tour 3, Rokewood 2010

Torquay Landcare Group farmers visit experimental sites of the Woady Yaloak Catchment where alternative sources of nutrients are being trialled...

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

Protecting & Restoring Biodiversity, Habitat & Water Quality on McKinnon Creek

This large project involved our group members, Nick and Katie Dopheide and the Management Committee of the Rail Reserve at...

Ovens Landcare Network

Energy Efficient Farm Practices

This is a National Landcare Program funded project in conjunction with North East Greenhouse Alliance, to provide a series of...

Ultima Landcare Group

Ultima Rabbit Ripping Campiagn

In August 2008 The Ultima Landcare Group conducted a Rabbit Ripping Program.

Waitchie Landcare Group

Greg Whitla fencing Mallee vegetation

In June 2009 Greg Whitla fenced 134ha of Mallee vegetation with the help of Lee Kerr, Tim Lenton, Joe Kelly...

Torquay & District Landcare Group

Farm Tour 1, Bellbrae 2010

Walk & Talk to witness 'Change in Our time'.

Yarra Valley Equestrian Landcare Group

YVELG electric fence video on YouTube

YVELG electric fence video on YouTube with Dougy, Dermie and Humans ...

Mt Toolebewong & District Landcare Group

National Tree Day

Planting morning at Badger Creek. Join community members and the Mt Toolebewong & District Landcare Group to revegetate this lovely...

Ovens Landcare Network

Soil Health Program

The Ovens Landcare Network has been managing and coordinating a range of Soil Health projects in association with member groups.

Waitchie Landcare Group

Greg Hinton fencing Mallee vegetation

In June 2009 Greg Hinton has fenced 11 ha of Mallee vegetation with the help of Lee Kerr, Tim Lenton,...

Ultima Landcare Group

Ian Grey plants 500 trees

In June 2009 Ian Grey fenced an area of 3ha at his Ultima property and planted, guarded and watered 500...

Torquay & District Landcare Group

CVA 'Round Off' the Job

Conservation Volunteers Australia work at Red Rocks by the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

Planting on the Wannon

National Tree Day was held on 22nd September 2013 at Park Hill. A tributary to the Wannon River was planted.

Ovens Landcare Network

Soil Health Newsletter

Downloadable PDFs of all 2010-2011 Soil Health Newsletters This is a repository for the Soil Health Newsletter published throughout 2010...

Wises Creek-Talgarno Landcare Group

Expressions of Interest in sustainable agriculture activities from all members of the community

Our Landcare Group regularly calls for Expressions of Interest in sustainable agriculture activities from all members of the community.

Ultima Landcare Group

Environmental Weeds get the treatment

Boxthorn & Cactus get the treatment at Ultima Landcare groups tackle Boxthorn & Cactus in the Mallee   The Nyah...

Waitchie Landcare Group

Cactus & Boxthorn

Cactus & Boxthorn get the treatment in Waitchie.

Torquay & District Landcare Group

2014 Quiksilver Revegetation Day

Quiksilver, in collaboration with Torquay LandCare, will be holding their 7th Annual Revegetation Day on Friday 19th September 2014.

Sheepwash Creek Landcare Group (Mornington Peninsula)

Weeding - East of O.T. Dam in Arthurs Seat State Park

We will visit the area where the Green Army have been working and continue with our weeding program.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

National Tree Day 2012

Hamilton to coleraine railway Landcare consortium will be holding a National tree day event in September.

Ultima Landcare Group

Damien O'brien

In June 2009 Damien O'brien has fenced an area of 4 ha to protect Mallee vegetation.

Waitchie Landcare Group

2009 Sec Gen Rabbit Ripping Project

The Waitchie Landcare Group have completed their 2009 Second Generation Landcare Rabbit Ripping project.

Torquay & District Landcare Group

2014 Ocean Acres Reserve Understorey Revegetation

Improve understorey diversity and health through revegetation.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

Mt Koroite Wetland Field Day

Hamilton Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group invites you to attend the Mt.Koroite Wetland Field Day at Paul & Megan Moulds...

Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare Network

Middle Island Project

The Middle Island Project's objective is to protect and increase a threatened colony of Little Penguins.

Torquay & District Landcare Group

2014 Larcombes Road Nature Reserve Protection and Revegetation

Reserve revegetation project in an area containing endangered species and site of historical interest Larcombes Road Nature Reserve is...

Panyyabyr Landcare Group

Workshops and Field Days

Information about workshops and field days that the Panyyabyr Landcare Group has held.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

Mt Koroite Erosion Project

Mt.Koroite erosion project near Coleraine adjoining the Rail Reserve involved members of our Landcare group, Alex and Topsy Baulch and...

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

Revegetation Technique Trials

Work has commenced on three trial sites at Upper Gundowring.

Burgoigee Creek Landcare Group

Perennial Pasture Information Day - Presentations and Audio Files

The day was attended by over 200 people. It was a great success.

Torquay & District Landcare Group

2013 Quiksilver Revegetation Day

Quiksilver, in collaboration with Torquay LandCare Group held their annual Revegetation Day last Friday (16/9/2013): the focus was the Spring Creek.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

McKinnon Creek Crossing and Enhancing Billabong

The 2010 Landcare Project called McKinnon Creek Crossing involving our landcare members Geoff and Penelope Slocombe, in consultation with the...

Panyyabyr Landcare Group

Trees to the River: Remnant Ptotection Weaving the Web Project 2009

This project was supported by the Second Generation Landcare Grant 2008 - 2009.

Laharum Landcare Group

Laharum Revegetation Sites

Mt Worth and District Landcare Group Inc

Skill Development

Landcare is looking at different ways to offer skill development opportunities for members around farming or conservation practice.

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

Revegetation Projects - 2011

We have received funding to assist Landcare members with revegetation works (planting of native species).

Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare Network

Revegetation Projects

Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare Network has several revegetation projects underway and planned: * Reveg The Flume (a long term project that...

Nyah West Landcare Group

Yarraby Reserve near Nyah gets a Landcare hand

The Yarraby reserve has had a clean up and new fence installed to improve this lovely bushland reserve.

Torquay & District Landcare Group

2012 Quiksilver Annual Revegetation Day

Quiksilver proudly sponsor the revegetation day at the Anglesea dunes.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

Local Area Action Plan

The aim of this project was to develop a local area action plan of community based research into the location...

Panyyabyr Landcare Group

Trees to the River Project 2011

Second Generation Landcare Grant 2010-2011 The Panyyabyr Landcare Group was formed in 1994.

Nyah West Landcare Group

Tree Planting at Obryans

2000 Native trees were planted and guarded on the 1st of November 2008, at Kevin & Ros Obyans Pheasant Farm...

Torquay & District Landcare Group

2011 Quiksilver Annual Planting day

Quicksilver is Torquay Landcare's sponsor, so for the fourth year Quiksilver staff joined community volunteers in a big revegetation project...

Mt Toolebewong & District Landcare Group

Indian Myna control

Three traps are available for members' use to trap Indian Mynas on their property.

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

Watershed 2000 group area plantings

Watershed 2000 covering the area from Caramut north to Chatsworth, then east to Woorndoo and south to Ballengeich - covering...

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

Kurranulla Erosion Control

Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) funded a community bus trip to view the Kurranulla Erosion Control Project directed...

Panyyabyr Landcare Group

Trees to the River Project 2010

This project was supported by the Second Generation Landcare Grant 2009 - 2010. The Panyyabyr Landcare Group was formed in 1994.

Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group

Significant Trees Photographic Competition

Enter your best photo of a significant or important tree in Wangaratta and win! Read more about it: http://northeast.landcarevic.net.au/wangaratta-urban/projects/significant-trees-photographic-launch  ...

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

Kiewa Catchment Nursery

The nursery is situated at Running Creek, and specialises in growing native plants that are indigenous to our area.

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

Paddock Trees Project

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network has recently secured funding from the previous Federal Government’s Community Environment Grants to protect paddock trees.

Manangatang Landcare Group

Wimmera Mallee Health Project

Nyah West Landcare Group

Revegetation at Nyah West

700 trees planted and guarded at Gil Jones property.

Sunday Creek-Dry Creek Landcare Group

Erosion Control After the Fires

Erosion and the siltation of waterways and dams is a real issue post fire.

Mt Toolebewong & District Landcare Group

Boggy Creek Revegetation

Several members have taken advantage of Melbourne Water grants to revegetate their stream frontage to Boggy Creek.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

HCRLLG Annual General Meeting 2016

The Group AGM will be held on Tuesday 15th March 2016 at 204 Balkin Rd. Hamilton at 7p.m.

Gazette Land Action Group

Yatmerone Wetland Protection 2012

The Yatmerone Wildlife Reserve is situated on the eastern perimeter of the Penshurst township and is approximately 13Ha of crown land.

Panyyabyr Landcare Group


Timeline of Panyyabyr Landcare Group Activities 1993 to 2011. 1993 Pannyyabr Landcare Group formed 24 March 1993.

Pierrepoint Land Protection Group

AGM 2015

The AGM was held the evening Monday 17th September 2015. It was well attended by 12 members.

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

St Helens Southern Brown Bandicoot Protection Project

In early October 2013 the Basalt to Bay Landcare Network with support from the St Helens Landcare Group and the...

Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group

Plume Positive Significant Trees Photographic Launch

There are a number of significant trees in the urban area of Wangaratta, so to help us to recognize and...

NE Dung Beetle Project

Dung Beetle Videos

Dung Beetles - underground army, enriching soils.

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

Kergunyah Wetlands Project

This is a project of Kergunyah Landcare Group. The wetlands is situated 1km from Kergunyah reserve.

Manangatang Landcare Group

The Tyrrell Project

) KEY PROJECT OBJECTIVES (SHORT TERM) Ø           Restructure (through planting and direct seeding) 1,500 Ha of now unprofitable croplands...

Nyah West Landcare Group


During July 2009 the Nyah West Landcare Group have completed a rabbit ripping program, funded through a Second Generation...

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

National Tree Day 2013

The Hamilton to Coleraine Landcare Consortium invites it’s membersand the community to participate in the National Tree Day Hosts: Kate...

Gecko CLaN

Granite Creek's Rabbit Control, Baiting & Ripping Project 2013-14

The Granite Creek's rabbit control project is open to all landholders of the Landcare groups within the Granite Creeks area,...

Maude and District Landcare Group

Seasonal Weed Watch and Act List

[in development]

Lower Tambo Landcare Group

Upper Tambo Weed Control & Riparian Enhancement

This is a joint River Health Works project between Lower Tambo Landcare & East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority to reduce...

Nicholson River Landcare Group

Salt Creek foreshore revegetation

Revegetation of degraded creek front on Salt Creek, and Butchers Creek, Nicholson is being carried out by a number...

Far East Victoria Landcare Network


FEVL newsletters for 2011

Mt Toolebewong & District Landcare Group

Coranderrk Ck reveg Stage 2

We have now completed stage 2 of our project, which included a Landcare for Singles event in May this year.

Panyyabyr Landcare Group

Trees to the River Project 2012

Victorian Landcare Grant 2011 - 2012. The Panyyabyr Landcare Group was formed in 1994.

Pierrepoint Land Protection Group

Ulva-lea Biodiveristy Corridor 2013

Roger & Jackie Brown, who have a property approx 8km south of Hamilton, have been successful in receiving assistance from...

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

Social Inclusion Activities

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network in 2011 intitated a trial to see how people with diability or social inclusion barriers...

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

HCRLG Table of Events Report

Gazette Land Action Group

Yalunga Biodiversity Corridor 2013

James and Lucie Peddie have been sucessful in receiving assistance through the 2013 Victorian Landcare grant to create a biodiveristy...

Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group

Floodplain Weed Management Book

Helen & Peter Curtis from the Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group have now published 'Floodplain Woodland Plants of North East Victoria:...

Bethanga Landcare Group

Vegetation and Waterway Assessment for Bethanga Creek and Tributaries

The Bethanga Creek is a tributary of the Murray River (Lake Hume).

NE Dung Beetle Project

Other Project Reports

This section contains reports, summaries and publications from other Dung Beetle projects that may be of interest.

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

Indigenous Use of Fire

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups have received Federal funding to investigate the Indigenous Use of Fire and how this can be...

Nyah West Landcare Group

Nyah West EnviroFund Project

In May 2008, The Nyah West Landcare Group planted 4000 native trees. The tree plantings were conducted at 2 Sites.

Castlemaine Landcare Group

Rabbit Flat, Happy Valley

Castlemaine Landcare Group has received funding from the Mount Alexander Shire Community Grants program to restore the area known as...

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

Landcare Fire Recovery Program

The fires of Black Saturday, 7th Feb. 2009, devastated large parts of our region.

Manangatang Landcare Group

Remnant Project

Keith and Leslie dawes have protected a 300ha remnant consisting of areas of Mallee, Pine ridges open grassland and a...

Waitchie Landcare Group

Tree Planting Guide

Tree Planting Guide / “Deep Ripping”.        by Malcolm Thompson 50364828.

Delatite Landcare Group

Property Assessment Reports

As a service to members who participate in the Mapping Project an individually tailored printed report is available.

Gecko CLaN

Food for Soils Project - Alternative Fertilisers trial

The food for soils Project is a set trials measuring the effectivness of different alternative fertilisers commercially available to producers.

Maude and District Landcare Group

Revegetation project 2015-16

Bellarine Catchment Network

Swan Bay Catchment Action Plan

The 2002-2007 Swan Bay Catchment Action Plan documents

Lower Tambo Landcare Group

Tamhaven Revegetation

This project is located on the NW side of the Tambo River under the Swan Reach bridge.

Nicholson River Landcare Group

Rail Trail Revegetation

The East Gippsland Rail Trail crosses the Nicholson River on a timber trestle bridge.

Far East Victoria Landcare Network


Newsletters of the Far East Landcare Network in 2010 February 2010 April 2010 June 2010 August 2010 December 2010

Middle Yarra Landcare Network

Wildlife without borders

Creating a wildlife corridor connecting three properties to enhance wildlife movements from State Park to State Park for phasgogales, possums,...

Pierrepoint Land Protection Group

Pierrepoint Serrated Tussock Program

The Pierrepoint group has been dedicated to combating the highly invasive environmental and agricultural weed, the Serrated Tussock.

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

Minhamite Road Rail Reserve Project - The Green Line

The Green Line runs 37 km between Koroit and Minhamite - is on average 30 m wide with sections up...

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group


The group holds two meetings per year combined with a social BBQ and guest speaker.

Gazette Land Action Group

Mount Napier to Mount Rouse Wildlife Corridor

The Gazette Land Action Group's vision is to increase the number of wildlife corridors on privately owned properties to link...

Wonyip Landcare Group

Extending Highways For Quolls

Our aim is to extend Quoll corridors from Wonyip, to Wilsons Promontory which will be a major project involving a...

Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group

Kaluna Park

A riverine bushland restoration project. Kaluna Park is an area of 3.7 ha approximately 300 m from Wangaratta Post Office.

NE Dung Beetle Project

Links to Other Projects

Prior to the North East Dung Beetle Project, Do it with Dung from the Mountains to the Murray, there were...

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

Do it with Dung - from the Mountains to the Murray

This project ran in 2009-2010 and involved dung beetle releases and monitoring across NE Victoria and Corowa shire in NSW...

Bethanga Landcare Group

Mitta to Murray Blackberry Action Group

Mitta to Murray Blackberry Action Group Re: Collective Action to Manage Blackberries across our CommunityA year ago the Mitta to...

Castlemaine Landcare Group

Forest Creek, Castlemaine

Restoration of the surroundings of Forest Creek is the major project of Castlemaine Landcare Group.

Waitchie Landcare Group

Tree planting at Woorinen

In November 1999, 600 Native Trees were planted at the Chillingollah Rd Reserve at Woorinen.

Murrayville Landcare Group

Junior Landcare

Teaching students landcare values is an integral part of education and awareness of landcare issues .

Tarragal Landcare Group

rabbit ripping

Rick Harris has completed rabbit ripping on a number of local farms. Any farmer interested in having ripping done in...

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

Focus on Fauna

Wildlife Recovery Project – Murrindindi Shire This project is investigating how local fauna have been recovering since the 2009 fires.

Birchip Landcare Group

Water and Wildlife- Discovering the links in an ecosystem

The Birchip Landcare Group conducted a survey of wetland-dependent fauna at 28 sites covering an area around Birchip during the...

Manangatang Landcare Group

Rabbit Ripping in 2009

Manangatang Landcare group has secured $25,000 from the state SECOND GENERATION LANDCARE GRANTS, for undertaking road side rabbit ripping in 2009.

Delatite Landcare Group

Propagation Project

Annually: Collection of locally indigenous seeds (December); seed sowing workshop (January); pricking out working bees (February - March); submission of...

Gecko CLaN

Pasture Cropping Project

At it's simplest Pasture Cropping is a technique of zero-till sowing annual crops directly into living perennial pastures.

Far East Victoria Landcare Network


Newsletters of the Far East Victoria Landcare network in 2005 January 2005 Newsletter March 2005 Newsletter May 2005 Newsletter

Bellarine Catchment Network

Ocean Grove Junior Landcare Program

Results of the Ocean Grove Biodiversity project.

Lower Tambo Landcare Group

Tambo Bay Wetlands

Wetlands rehabilitation partnership between Lower Tambo Landcare Group & East Gippsland Water with funding from Australian Government Water Fund Community...

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

Kick Start Your Reserve

This project helped to enable volunteer groups who had an interest in nature reserves to access resources to implement improvements.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

AGM 2013

The Hamilton to Railway Line Landcare Group held their AGM on the 14th August 2013.

Pierrepoint Land Protection Group

Landcare Newsletters

Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network

LCLN Small Grants Incentive Program for Biolink creation

With funding from Victorian Landcare Grants in 2013, the LCLN ran a small grant program to support on-ground works that...

South Gippsland Landcare Network

Landcare Number Plates.

Landcare Victorian Number Plates. Use this link to find details

Cowwarr Landcare Group

Swing Bridge Reserve

To re-establish native vegetation and wetland on the riverbank of the Thomson River above the Cowwarr Weir.

Bethanga Landcare Group

Community Revegetation Project: Fence remnant vegetation with riparian zones. 2008

Grassy box woodlands is a valuable natural resource in the Bethanga area. This project aims to protect and restore this habitat.

Manangatang Landcare Group

On going Cactus control in 2009

Over the past two years MEEP crews have been injecting patches of cactus throughout the district.

Waitchie Landcare Group

Rabbit Ripping in the Mallee

Rabbit warren ripping continues to be an effective contol method.

Maude and District Landcare Group

Rabbit control

2016 RABBIT POISONING CAMPAIGN.The campaign will be held on Friday, February 5th, Monday, February 8th and Thursday, February 11th, 2016.

Bald Hills Creswick Landcare Group

Park Lake Botanical Reserve

Bald Hills -Creswick Landcare group no longer involved in project 1852 - Commissioners camp established in Creswick.

Castlemaine Landcare Group

2014 Project Update

Update on Castlemaine Landcare Group plans for 2014, from Project Coordinator Robin Haylett For the early months of 2014 Castlemaine...

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

Fish Circus

Water quality and waterway health are a high-priority among landcarers and the broader community.

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

BIG Tree Competition

The search is on to find the biggest indigenous tree in the Kiewa Catchment.

Birchip Landcare Group

Catchment Dams

Removal of one or more banks of channel-fed dams reformed to make a larger gently sloping area to catch rainfall...

Gecko CLaN

Chilean Needle Grass

Chilean Needle Grass is a highly invasive weed which is having an immense impact on agriculture and biodiveristy in the...

Strathbogie Tableland Landcare Group

'Bridge to Bridge' - native vegetation rehabilitation project, Strathbogie Township.

For several years now our group has been cleaning-up, weeding, planting, erecting signs and constructing a walking path at the...

Wattle Flat Pootilla Landcare Group

Communities for Nature-Yarrowee River Ditchfield Road Reserve

Wattle Flat-Pootilla Landcare Group has recently completed our Communities for Nature Grant on the Yarrowee River at the Ditchfield Rd...

Bellarine Catchment Network

Community Plant Nurseries

Would you like to help grow local native plants? This project contains information on the Community Plant Nurseries.

Far East Victoria Landcare Network

Weed of the Month

Landcare Weed of the Month Media Releases

Lower Tambo Landcare Group

Tambo Bay Rabbit Control

Rabbits are in near plaque proportion along the foreshore reserve area of Tambo Bay causing severe erosion and plant damage.

Red Hill South Landcare Group

Update: Green Army work at Red Hill South Biolink

The Green Army removed weeds in bushland near the corner of Baynes Road and Point Leo Road at Red Hill...

Steels Creek Landcare Group

Northern Yarra Blackberry Action Group (NYBAG)

Blackberry is a noxious weed that is a major threat to both agricultural production and the natural environment.

Middle Yarra Landcare Network

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

April BBQ Meeting

A BBQ and meeting was held to listen to Stuart Wilder speak about Mens health and introduce our new facilitator,...

Gazette Land Action Group

Gazette/Buckley Swamp Field Trip

In April 2016, the Gazette Landcare Group hosted a field day for the community to showcase the on ground works...

Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group

Salinity Control

Work completed by the group to address problems with saline springs Increasing salinity levels in Lake Bolac have been associated...

Pierrepoint Land Protection Group

Good Shepherd College Farm Mapping Program 2013

GoodShepherdCollege(GSC) Senior campus on Mt. Napier Rd south of Hamilton offers as part of it’s curriculum a unique agribusiness program. ...

Warragul and District Landcare Group

Summer 2014 Pindone baiting program

Report on Rabbit Baiting for Warragul Landcare Group January 2014 Deeper green Summer 2014 baiting program report

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

Allansford Sungold Fieldays Direct Seeding Demo

In September 2013 part of the Sungold Fieldays Carpark was set aside to showcase direct seeding methods for native shelterbelts.

Boolarra South Landcare Group

Old Mill Site, Boolarra

This historic site near the centre of Boolarra, has been a focus of the Boolarra South Landcare Group over the...

Cowwarr Landcare Group

Rainbow Park

To re-establish riparian vegetation on the flood-plain of the Rainbow Creek in the township.

Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network

CfoC Healthy Soils Program 2012-2013

The Healthy Soils - Sustainable Farms Program was a rewarding experience for all who took part in it's 2012-2013 iteration.

Upper Kiewa Landcare Group

Mt Beauty Pondage

In partnership with Alpine Shire and others, it is proposed to begin in 2009 a gradual replacement of weeds with...

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

Aporrectodea longa - Earthworm project

This project aims to promote soil improvement through the growth of pastures and deep-rooted perennials through the introduction of the earthworm...

Bethanga Landcare Group

Bethanga local area plan. 2002.

The Bethanga local area plan aims to provide the Bethanga Landcare area community with: A summary of the areas environment...

Nyah West Landcare Group

Nyah West Landcare Groups AGM is on 24th Oct 2008

To be held at 324 Campbell st Swan Hill at 9.30 am

Bald Hills Creswick Landcare Group

Long Point Flora Reserve

Remnant Vegetation Whilst many of our efforts have been directed towards already degraded land we are careful to maintain an...

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

2012 GBCMA Landcare Awards Dinner

  A very successful GB CMA Regional Landcare Awards evening was held in Benalla on Friday 3rd August at Rafferty’s...

Birchip Landcare Group

Birchip Urban Storm Water Treatment Project

Birchip Landcare Group and Birchip Lions Club are undertaking a project to develop a wetland system at the Pump Hut...

Manangatang Landcare Group

John Hicks Molyneaux Rd site

John Hick’s site on Molyneaux road has been approved to be funding from Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) to fence the...

Delatite Landcare Group

Mapping Project

An aspect of the Local Area Plan, the Mapping Project aims to establish an electronic data base mapping Delatite Landcare...

Strathallan Family Landcare Group

Strathallan Hall Reserve (~3 ha)

Remnant grassland community (Plains Grassland/Plains Grassy Woodland/Gilgai Wetland Mosaic)

Surf Coast & Inland Plains Network

Serrated Tussock Watch

Serrated Tussock: One Years Seeding is Seven Years Weeding! A Noxious Weed of National Significance Serrated Tussock is now one...

Friends of Taylors Park

Follow up weed spraying

Following on from the heavy weeding work completed earlier this year by Conservation Volunteers Australia, Green Corps and Torquay...

Friends of Bannockburn Bush

Grassy woodland Revegetation project

FOBB has an ongoing experimental project initially funded by Parks Victoria, to explore methods of restoring a former nightsoil dumping...

Bellarine Catchment Network

Community Frog Monitoring Project

Information about the Bellarine community frog monitoring project, and link to further information

Far East Victoria Landcare Network

Landcare We Care Rally

In 2009 the far East Community protested against changes to Faclitator funding Human Sign

Jarrahmond Landcare Group

Linkages Project

The Linkages project began in 2003 to biolink the Snowy River and the Yalmy State Forest.

Bairnsdale Urban Landcare Group

Mitchell River Adopt-a-site

Sections of the Mitchell River Walk are adopted bu community groups schools and local families and revegetated and maintained.

Bruthen and District Landcare Group

Bruthen Bridge-to-Bridge/Tambo River Loop Project

Revegetation of the banks of the Tambo River between the highway and railway bridges at Bruthen and creation of a...

East Gippsland Landcare Network

Bairnsdale & Districts Species Selection Guide

Indigenous Species Selection Guide This species selection guide has been developed in response to demand by landholders in the East...

Lower Tambo Landcare Group

Swan Reach Primary School

This is a revegetation/ beautification project around the bus turning circle of the school.

Middle Yarra Landcare Network

Demonstrating Community & Habitat Links

A revegetation project has been started at Jumping Creek Road.

Pentland Hills Landcare Group

Myrniong and Korkuperrimul Biolink

With the support of its partners, GW and PPWCMA, Melbourne Water and V4WP (through DSE), PHLC aims to rehabilitate 33...

Friends of Native Wildlife Inc

Water for Wildlife

During dry spells, water can be difficult and dangerous for wildlife to access.

Dunns Creek Landcare Group

Roadside weed control along McEvoys Road, Red Hill and Harrisons Road, Dromana

Weeding along these high priority roadsides is conducted with the broader vision of creating a habitat corridor to Main Creek

Mag Dam Advisory Committee

Boundary Fencing

May 2011. The Committee, with the assistance of members of the Snake Valley community, replacing fenceline.

Pierrepoint Land Protection Group

Annual General Meetings

Upper Hopkins Land Management Group

Protecting and Enhancing Remnant Vegetation in the Upper Hopkins - An Holistic Approach Project 2012

Victorian Landcare Grant 2011 - 2012.

Hindmarsh Landcare Network

Project Hindmarsh Landcare Weekend 2013

The 2013 Project Hindmarsh Landcare Weekend was a great success and another fantastic year is over now.

Friends of Cape Nelson Landcare


Friends of Cape Nelson Land care /Coastcare Inc no.003227M   Sun April 19th 2009@ Murrell’s Picnic Hill @ 3 pm.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

Grangeburn Erosion

Inspection of Erosion sites on the Grangeburn via Balkins Road.

Gazette Land Action Group

Coolibah Corridor 2013

The Coolibah property is situated approximately 5km north east of Penshurst.

Springsure Hill Landcare Group

Tree planters for loan

The LandCare Group owns a number of tree planters to make the holes in the soil for tube-stock to be planted.

Warragul and District Landcare Group

Rabbit Busters

Full reports from Rabbit Busters Burke Street Sutton Street and Toorongo Crt

Cowwarr Landcare Group

Fox Road/Mockridge Lane - Riding trail and wildlife corridor

In tandem with Toogabbie horse-riders, who propose the re-opening of Fox Road between Toongabbie-Cowwarr Road and Mockridge Lane, the Landcare...

Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network

Indian Myna Bird Trapping

There is a growing swell of people joining the grassroots effort to reduce Indian Myna Bird numbers in our community.

Maffra and Districts Landcare Network

The Story of Landcare

2011 marked the 25th Anniversary of Landcare in Victoria and as part of this occasion, The Maffra and District Landcare...

Friends of Willow Park

Master Plan

This project was proposed to City of Wodonga and we are working in partnership with them to develop a community-led...

Wooragee Landcare Group

Wooragee Landcare Newsletter

The Wooragee Landcare Group produces a regular newsletter for members and landholders in the group area.

Rutherglen Landcare Group

Rutherglen Landcare Newsletter

The Rutherglen Landcare group produces a newsletter for landholders and members in the group area.

Stanley Landcare Group

Blue Gum Gully Restoration

In conjunction with DSE the Stanley Landcare group is restoring Blue Gum Gully through weed removal, fencing, track restoration and...

Upper Kiewa Landcare Group

Junction Creek on Vails Rd, Tawonga South Project

A partnership between Upper Kiewa Landcare, local residents and the Alpine Shire Are you tired of looking at the mess...

NE Dung Beetle Project

Dung Beetle Identification Chart

A simple identification chart for the most common dung beetle species found in our area.

Bethanga Landcare Group

Bethanga Creek & adjoining branches restoration project . 2007.

At the height of the 'millennium drought', Bethanga Landcare Group embarked on an ambitious project to assess the Bethanga Creek...

Bald Hills Creswick Landcare Group

Creswick Creek Care

Winner 1999 State Rivercare Award What is it? This is a project, commenced in 1998, to rehabilitate 10km of streambank...

Friends of Campbells Creek

Weed Control & Promoting Revegetation - Campbells Creek

Lewis Drive precinct restoration project; Resurrection of threatened species along Campbells Creek; Continuing weed control and revegetation work.

Mallee Landcare Group

Salt Bush Planting

70,000 Old Man Saltbush and 14,000 native trees were planted through the Mallee Environmental Employment Program within the Mallee Landcare...

Far East Victoria Landcare Network

Sustainable Agriculture

Focussed on a range of land management techniques that are environmentally sustainable. These include holistic management and regenerative farming techniques.

Ultima Landcare Group

Adam O'brien

Adam O'brien plants 500 native trees to provide a wildlife haven at his home block at Ultima.

Birchip Landcare Group

Birchip Landcare Group Rabbit Control 2008

Birchip Landcare Group together with Curyo Rabbit Action Group have undertaken a rabbit ripping program in the Curyo and Kinnabulla areas.

Manangatang Landcare Group

Catchment dam project

Funding has been provided under the BIODIVERSITY ACTION PLAN to fence a catchment dam at Brian Barrys' property at Cocamba.

Waitchie Landcare Group

Nest Boxes in the Mallee

Nest Boxes provide a safe and cosy home for Native Birds at Nyah. “Nestboxes in the Mallee”   By Malcolm Thompson.

Strathbogie Tableland Landcare Group

Tableland Fauna Atlas

This project is collating information on the distribution and abundance of all vertebrate species (mammals, birds, reptiles & amphibians) and...

Strath Creek Landcare Group

Strath Creek Biodiversity Project

This project will build links of native vegetation across private land in a fragmented landscape in northern Victoria.

Baranduda Landcare Group

Local Area Plan

Draft document relating to a local area plan for Baranduda Baranduda Landcare Local Area Plan will be a blue print...

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

Local Area Planning

The UGLN encourages and assists Landcare groups to identify their land management priorities and plan resulting activities, or actions.

Home Creek-Spring Creek Landcare Group

Merton-Cathkin Blackberry Action Group

Home Creek-Spring Creek are working with Merton Landcare group and have established the Merton-Cathkin Blackberry Action Group (BAG).

Bellarine Catchment Network

Bellarine Indigenous Flora Booklets

The Coastal and Inland Plants of the Bellarine Peninsula has been recently developed by the Bellarine Catchment Network and are...

Bellarine Landcare Group

Projects from 2008

Bellarine Landcare Projects from 2008

Far East Victoria Landcare Network

Betterbeef in the Far East

A group of farmers from Far East Gippsland are in the process of commiting to a pilot Better Beef project.

Snowy West Landcare Group

Snowy West Landcare Group History

In 2011, a number of interested community members came together to address Landcare associated issues in their area.

Watson Creek Landcare Group

Watson Creek Restoration Project

Watson Creek Catchment Group improving the health of Watson Creek and Yaringa Marine National Park through their “Watson Creek Restoration Project”.

East Gippsland Landcare Network

Gippsland Minor Tributaries Restoration Project - Butchers Creek

Alinta has kindly sponsored the restoration of a riparian site in Nicholson.

Lower Tambo Landcare Group

Rough Road Development

This project, on the East Bank of the Tambo River running off Metung Road aims to reduce pest plants and...

Northern Yarra Landcare Network

Northern Yarra Volunteer Program

Landcare Groups in Steels Creek, Dixons Creek and Chum Creek help to co-ordinate volunteers keen to assist landowners in the...

Friends of Native Wildlife Inc

Frog Watch

We learn more about what frogs are in Bayside, and how they are coping with the urban environment, through our...

Warrnambool Nature Reserves Society Inc


The Society co-operates with the local and state governments in maintaining a number of reserves.

Project Platypus

Southern Brown Bandicoot Recovery

Have you seen a Southern Brown Bandicoot? Project Platypus has been intensively surveying the Black Range near Stawell to ascertain...

Gazette Land Action Group

Boonderoo Corridor 2013

Jeff & Morna Semmens, who have a property approx 19km south of Hamilton, have been successful in receiving assistance from...

Panyyabyr Landcare Group

Grampians to Grasslands

The "Grampians to Grassland" fox control project was supported by Caring for Our Country funding in 2010.

Upper Mount Emu Creek Landcare Network

Burrumbeet Creek Restoration Miners Rest

A section of the creek which runs through public land in central Miners Rest is targetted for restoration.

Wennicott Creek Landcare Group

Murphy Landslip Prevention Project

A second planting area is now protecting Scotchman Creek headwaters on Ian Murphy's property.

Springsure Hill Landcare Group

Spray Trailer for loan

The LandCare Group owns a trailer with all the equipment needed for the spraying of weeds.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

2014 National Tree Day

The Hamilton Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group held a National Tree Day at Paul & Naomi McKays property where 600...

Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network

Gippsland Red Gum Woodland and Wildlife Project

Latrobe Catchment Landcare Networks Gippsland Red Gum Woodland and Wildlife Project aims to assist landholders to undertake works to protect...

Maffra and Districts Landcare Network

The 'Billabong' Project

The Maffra and District Landcare Network in partnership with the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail Commitee of Management are developing a...

Merriman Creek Landcare Group

Communities for Nature (C4N) project

Our current project is funded by a Communities for Nature grant.

Friends of Willow Park

Biodiversity by Design

This project will develop a landscape design that will increase the native biodiversity of the Pearce Street entrance to Willow Park.

Wooragee Landcare Group

Where are the Barkers??

An entertaining and educational short docudrama features the ‘endangered’ Barking Owls of North East Victoria.

Yackandandah Landcare Group

Persistent Perennial Pastures

6 local landholders are participating in a perennial pastures trial This project involves 6 landholders who have agreed to plant...

Rutherglen Landcare Group

Platypus Survey

In conjunction with the Australian Platypus Conservancy and Corowa Landcare Group, Rutherglen Landcare is running a Platypus Survey along areas...

Upper Kiewa Landcare Group

Bring on the Buzz!

A state govt funded biodiversity initiative led by Jill Dawson   This State-funded project will allow for two groups of...

King Basin Landcare Group

Jessie's Creek Regeneration Project

NE Dung Beetle Project

Dung Beetle Articles

Dung beetle articles that can provide information that could be included in Landcare Newsletters

Wedderburn Conservation Management Network

Wedderburn Conservation Management Network News August 2010

Wedderburn Conservation Management Network News Wednesday, August 18, 2010 Landscape Restoration Project – Project Officer Position Project Officer Position...

Wychitella District Landcare Group

Wheel Cactus Control Project

The Weed Management Strategy for the Loddon Shire was developed with an Integrated and a Coordinated approach to weed control.

Friends of Campbells Creek

Signs in our information shelters

The draft sign designs Our group has obtained funding to produce the signs that will sit in the information shelters...

Muckleford Catchment Landcare Group

Victorian Goldfields Railway Revegetation Project

Revegetating a section of the railway track between Castlemaine and Maldon In 2004 the Muckleford Catchment Landcare Group contacted Dean...

Ultima Landcare Group

2009 Rabbit Ripping at Ultima

The Ultima Landcare Group have completed their 2009 Second Generation Landcare Rabbit Ripping project.

Upper Yarra Landcare Group

Water Watch

Every last Sunday of the month at 10am in McMahons Creek.

Manangatang Landcare Group

Boxthorn Project to be tackled in 2009

Boxthorn is an increasing problem throughout the district.

Murrayville Landcare Group

Pest Animal Control

An ongoing project for the group, pest animal management consists of an annual rabbit ripping campaign for the group, funded...

Nyah West Landcare Group

Boxthorn & Cactus work in the Mallee

Environmental weeds get the treatment at Nyah West Landcare groups tackle Boxthorn & Cactus in the Mallee   The Nyah...

Yarrawonga Urban Landcare Group

Chinaman's Island - Yarrawonga

The Yarrawonga Urban Landcare Group is helping the the Eastern Foreshore Committee with planting of Australian Native Trees, shrubs and...

Birchip Landcare Group

Birchip Cactus and Boxthorn control

Birchip Landcare Group conducted a project to eradicate cactus in the Kinnabulla and Curyo districts and boxthorn in the Warmur area.

Nulla Vale Pyalong West Landcare Group

2014 Graffiti Rock Project

120 word description

Sheep Pen Creek Land Management Group

Site Preparation for Direct Seeding

4 different site preparation techniques are being trialled at several locations within the Sheep Pen Creek area.

Strathbogie Tableland Landcare Group

Stream protection & water quality.

One leads directly to the other! Poor water and streamside management inevitably leads to catchment degradation.

Sunday Creek-Dry Creek Landcare Group

SheOak Hill to Lightwood Crossing

Ever been baffled by locals directions of “go down Pound Gully, along Luke’s Flat and past Hurst’s Sheds”.

Goulburn Murray Landcare Network

Landcare Awards & Celebration Day Sun May 16, 2010

Nomination forms for: - Awards - Reward & Recognition Show & Tell Submissiona

Delatite Landcare Group

Improving Biodiversity Outcomes in the Delatite Catchment.

Community Action grant – funding of $9 500 for Improving Biodiversity Outcomes in the Delatite Catchment.

Upper Barwon Landcare Network

Tree Talk Magazine

Activites and events in the Upper Barwon Landcare Network. To view recent magazines go to issuu.com/pennyroyalcreek/doc

Wattle Flat Pootilla Landcare Group

Gorse Control Wattle Flat Rd Wattle Flat

The Wattle Flat-Pootilla Landcare Group is currently working with Hepburn Shire to control Roadside Gorse in Wattle Flat

Weering Eurack Landcare Group

Rabbit harbour removal funding available in 2009

The Weering Eurack Landcare Group currently has some funding through Second Generation Landcare grants for rabbit ripping/harbour removal works.

Weerite Landcare Group

Weerite Perennial Pastures

The project aimed to improve groundcover over Autumn and reduce the risk of soil erosion by planting perennial pastures where...

Lismore Land Protection Group

Cundare Duverney serrated tussock establishment prevention project

This 2011 / 2012 CCMA Corangamite Landcare Grant project aims to inspect properties in the vicinity of Serrated Tussock infestations...

Elingamite-Cobrico Landcare Group

Roadside Blackberry Control

Elingamite-Cobrico Landcare Group roadside spraying Over the past few years, the main focus of the Elingamite-Cobrico Landcare Group has been...

Jan Juc Coast Action

Tackling Gazania on the Jan Juc Cliffs

the project aims to control Gazania within the proposed project site.

Bellarine Catchment Network

BCN Project Area

Bellarine Landcare Group

Bellarine Rail Trail project

Information and reports from the Bellarine Rail Trail project.

Lower Tambo Landcare Group

Pampas Lily-of-the-Valley Control

This plant is a noxious weed in E Gippsland and a small outbreak along Reynolds Rd verge has spread into...

Jarrahmond Landcare Group

Gunns Creek Restoration Project

The Gunns Creek Restoration Project was the first project embarked upon by Jarrahmond Landcare Group.

Upper Deep Creek Landcare Network

Property Management Planning Courses Resource Base

A collection of information including manuals, hand outs and links to other resources for participants of our Property management planning...

East Gippsland Landcare Network

Integrated Rabbit Control

Rabbit control is a common Landcare issue.

Red Hill South Landcare Group

Red Hill South Landcare - A Member's Observations

Some observations by an amateur Landcare enthusiast.

Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network

MPLN Puppet show

Landcare Facilitator Jacqui Salter and MPLN Secretary Bernie Schedvin have developed a puppet show based on the importance of providing...

Olinda Creek Landcare Group

Private property on Falls Road adjacent to Rich Creek.

OCLG has advised and helped restore habitat on this private property.

Friends of Bay Road Heathland Sanctuary

Conserving Sandringham Heath

Every second Saturday of the month we meet from 10-12 to manage the rare vegetation. Park in Marshall Avenue, Highett.

Friends of Native Wildlife Inc


Our Batting4Bayside project is all about microbats (the little insect-eating ones you almost never see, not the big fruit bats).

Project Platypus

Platypus Monitoring Program

We’re asking everyone to play a role in the conservation of the iconic platypus.

Panyyabyr Landcare Group

2012 Mapping Project

Panyyabyr Landcare Group is mapping past protection and revegetation projects in the Panyyabyr Landcare Group map area.

Upper Hopkins Land Management Group

Upper Hopkins Land Management Group Meetings

This folder contains information from meetings including agenda, minutes and meeting notes.

Wennicott Creek Landcare Group

Muntham Biolink Project

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

Landcare Newsletters

Information to bring landcare members up to date with what is happening in their area.

Gazette Land Action Group

Austin Uebergang Memorial Reserve Park 2005

The Gazette Land Action Group developed a reserve park in memory of the group's founding President, Austin Uebergang.

Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group

Streamside Fencing

Exclusion of stock from the Fiery Creek YOu can view full details of this project at the CMA site for...

Making a Difference (MAD) for the Merri

Merri River Secures Funding - Snapshot of 2013

In 2012/13, MAD for the Merri has been very fortunate in successfully in securing funding to continue facilitating on ground...

Ararat Landcare Group

Weed Buster Award

State award

Bushy Creek Catchment Group

Tree Plantation Competition 2008

Members were encouraged to enter a plantation in the Bushy Creek Catchment's Group tree plantation competition.

Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network

Bulk chemical purchase discount for members

LCLN is encouraging weed control by offering a discounted price for bulk chemical purchases for Landcare members.

Maffra and Districts Landcare Network

National Tree Day Initiatives

Every year in July as part of National Tree Day celebrations the Maffra & Districts Landcare Network either supports, partners...

Neerim and District Landcare Group

Revegetation Planner

An easy to use and accurate revegetation planner that is pocket sized and water resistant On Wednesday 29th July 2009...

Avon Landcare Group



Yackandandah Landcare Group

2009 Program of Activities

Planned activities for the 2009 for Yackandandah Landcare The planned program for 2009 in pdf format (15kb)

Friends of Willow Park

Gardens for Wildlife

This project will promote urban biodiversity, build links between urban gardens and parks and promote environmentally friendly practices in urban...

Wooragee Landcare Group

River Tender Projects

The Landcare group manages 3 riparian land sites in the area funded under River Tender.

Upper Murray Landcare Network

Upper Murray Wildlife Uncovered

The Upper Murray Landcare Network held community events that showcased the region’s diversity of wildlife.

Upper Kiewa Landcare Group

Briggs Bridge Reserve

There are 2 Black Sallee trees with weedy understorey.

Rutherglen Landcare Group

Major Feral Olive Tree Removal Project

Commercial Olive Plantations are part of the agricultural sector in north-east Vicotira producing a variety of edible fruit and styles...

Springhurst & Byawatha Hills Landcare Group

Eco Tour

The Eco Tour is a self guided drive, with a tour brochure and map with information on sixteen sites on...

Carboor-Bobinawarrah Landcare Group

Carboor Bobinawarrah Local Action Plan 2004

This booklet has been compiled as part of the Local Area Planning project, a Landcare Support program jointly established by...

NE Dung Beetle Project

Dung Beetle Monitoring Results

A range of information about the results of monitoring (native and introduced beetles) Volunteer Monitors set traps on a fortnightly...

Burgoigee Creek Landcare Group

Managing Pastures for Climate Change

Do you want to know more about sowing and managing perennial pastures? The Burgoigee Creek Landcare Group supported by the...

Wedderburn Conservation Management Network

Kooyoora Connections

The Wedderburn CMN has gained Caring for our Country funding for three years, (2010 - 2013) to conduct protection and...

Friends of Campbells Creek

Schools & Landcare - Campbells Creek

Loddon Plains Landcare Network


'Group Organised Action Nurturing Natural Assets' GOANNA is the landscape scale restoration project of the LPLN and is driven by...

Muckleford Catchment Landcare Group

Creasy's Road Revegetation

Funding was obtained in 2009 to undertake a biolink revegetation project in Creasys Road, Muckleford.

Yelta Landcare Group

Foster Street Drain Rehabilitation

A rehabilitation project to remove pest plants and animals, improve the amenity and biodiversity value of the area, and to...

Bald Hills Creswick Landcare Group

Lindsay Park

Tree Planting The landcare group has recently planted a windbreak along the Baldhills road section of Lindsay Park

Millewa-Carwarp Landcare Group

Werrimull School Endeavour Project

As a part of the school curriculum the Years 9 and 10 students have been redeveloping the front entrance of...

Murrayville Landcare Group

Pest Plant Control and Eradication

Ongoing annual control program targeting regionally declared weeds with support from Second Generation Landcare Grants and Envirofund.

Strathbogie Tableland Landcare Group

Strathbogie Alternative Fertiliser Trials

Our group is trialing the effects of different conventional and alternative fertilisers in a large-scale field trial.

Sunday Creek-Dry Creek Landcare Group

Landcare Helping with Fire Recovery

The Black Saturday fire burnt much of the Sunday Creek/Dry Creek Landcare group area and as such the members thought...

South West Goulburn Landcare Network

Dung Beetles & Soil Health

Free Seminar for farmers

Nulla Vale Pyalong West Landcare Group

2014 Seed Orchard Project

A survey of the vegetation across the Granite Country by the Landcare Group produced a list of rare or threatened plants.

Merton Landcare Group

Merton Biodiversity Project

The Merton Landcare members have been active over the past three years in raising awareness about the Merton Creek and...

Muckatah Landcare Group

History of Muckatah Landcare 1995 to 2004

Ten year celebration history

Delatite Landcare Group

Caring for our Country grant: Community Building Biolinks from the Seed Up

The title of the grant is Community Building Biolinks from the Seed Up; its value is $29,500.

Dhurringile and District Landcare Group

Crouching Emu Project

This projects aim is to create an environmental corridor along Dhurringile Road between the Midland Hwy and toolamba Rushworth Rd...

Glenaroua Land Management Group

Salinity Demonstration Site

The site is being set up for the benefit of the community, to demonstrate management of saline discharge sites.

Goulburn Murray Landcare Network

Indian Myna Action

Goulburn Murray Landcare Network is holding a series of FREE information sessions and workshops for interested people to become involved...

Wattle Flat Pootilla Landcare Group

Gorse Control Madderns Rd Glen Park

The Wattle Flat-Pootilla Landcare Group is currently working with the Moorabool Shire to control Gorse along Madderns Rd Glen Park

Weering Eurack Landcare Group

Biodiversity enhancement through boxthorn removal and revegetation

This project has increased the habitat area and improved biodiversity in an extensively cleared landscape by the planting of 6000...

Friends of Taylors Park

Hands on for Taylor Park

Conservation Volunteers Australia and Greencorp lend a hand to the Friends of Taylor Park.


Monthly Working Bees

Start at 10.00am on the third Sunday of each month. Followed by popular barbeques. Always working in attractive locations.

Bellarine Landcare Group


Implemented By Geoff McFarlane An essetial background for 21st century Farm management practice, which is in compliance with mainstream scientific...

Cundare-Duverney Landcare Group

Boxthorn / Rabbit Harbour Removal Funding Available in 2009

The Cundare Duverney Landcare Group currently has some funding through Second Generation Landcare grants for rabbit ripping/harbour removal works.

Garibaldi Landcare Group

Walking Track gets repaired after floods

The Garibaldi Environment Group has had the walking track repaired after the floods of early 2011 (but still take care...

Friends of Bannockburn Bush

Revegetation of a Night soil dump site

FOBB has been conducting an ongoing experiment to repair a former night soil dumping site within the Bannockburn Recreation reserve,...

Cann Valley Landcare Group

Easter Weeekend Easter egg muster 2011

come on down kids and see how many easter eggs you can find This is an example of project adding...

Jarrahmond Landcare Group

Dung Beetles

Several seasonally active dung beetle species have been released in Jarrahmond.

Friends of Picnic Point Reserve Landcare Group

Picnic Point Reserve Restoration Project: STAGE ONE

After more than a decade of neglect, the Picnic Point Reserve in Bairnsdale City's north-west corner, is set to undergo...

Lakes Entrance Community Landcare Group

Kalimna Gully Project

in conjunction with the East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management Network the East Gippsland Shire and the DSE we have been...

East Gippsland Landcare Network

Red Gum Plains Recovery Project

The Red Gum plains recovery project has been running in East Gippsland for nearly 10 years.

Steels Creek Landcare Group

Rabbit Control program

Community-based program aimed at reducing the rabbit population in the Steels Creek Valley and environs.

Toolern Vale Landcare Group

Wildlife Biodiveristy Corridors

Linking fragmented ecosystems with corridors for endangered & threatened flora & fauna Two biodiversity wildlife corridors are practical on ground...

Red Hill South Landcare Group

Communities for Nature

The Communities for Nature project created biolink habitats on private land along Point Leo Road.

Friends of Sages Cottage Bushland and Wetland

Establishment of ephemeral streamline

Creation of a streamline and ponds capturing storm water runoff acting as a biofilter.

Friends of Native Wildlife Inc

Bronzewings need you!

Common Bronzewings are a species of native bird found in Bayside in declining numbers.

Andersons Creek Landcare Group

Neighbourhood partnerships

In this project we seek the co-operation of neighbours of our worksites to extend projects beyond the original boundaries.

Moyston Landcare Group

Small Landholders - Mine Walk

As a part of the Engaging Small Landholders Project, Moyston Landcare Group are regenerating the Moyston Mine Walk.

Project Platypus


You are invited to take part in the Annual Project Platypus Plantout Series to be held throughout the month of...

Panyyabyr Landcare Group

2011 Environmental Achievement Awards

Individuals and groups were recognised at Glenelg Hopkins Environmental Achievement Awards in Hamilton held on Thursday, 25 August 2011 for...

Upper Hopkins Land Management Group

Revegetating, Regenerating, Protecting and Monitoring Biodiversity in the Upper Hopkins Project 2011

Second Generation Landcare Grant 2010 - 2011.

Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare Network

Networking & community Support

Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare Network has always supported the formation of new groups.

Wennicott Creek Landcare Group

Kelly Tunnel Erosion Project

Initial erosion control works were carried out on this site in 1992 and the Second Generation Grant continued the line...

Friends of Cape Nelson Landcare

Our History

Brief history of Cape Nelson Land care Group from 1995- 2007/08.

Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group

Streamside Erosion

This has been an ongoing direction and focus of our group for many years

Friends of Hamilton Coleraine Rail Reserve

South African Weed Control

Ongoing work each year during October and November.

Mag Dam Advisory Committee

Dairy Maid Creek Enhancement Project

Restoration of walking track over dairy maid creek.

Ararat Landcare Group

Tree List for Ararat

Tarwin Lower Landcare Group

Enhancing the Cape Liptrap to Bunurong Biolink Project

The area stretching between Cape Liptrap and Bunurong (Anderson's Inlet) is the focus of a project aimed at the preservation...

Kilmany-Pearsondale-Nambrok Landcare Group

The Kilmany Peaarsondale Drainage Project

The Kilmany Pearsondale Landcare Group have been very active in the revegetation of irrigation easements that traverse the district in...

Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network

New Member Application Form

A shiny New member Application Form has been produced for LCLN new members joining a group or the Network as...

Licola Landcare Group

Licola Landcare Group

Aerial weed management

Avon Landcare Group


Boolarra South Landcare Group

Revegetation, Habitat and Biodiversity Improvement, Monitoring of Flora and Fauna.

Caring for our Country - Commmunity Action Grant

Friends of Willow Park

Communities for Nature

This Project is making changes at the Wetlands area in Willow Park There are great changes occurring around the wetland...

Wooragee Landcare Group

Biological Control of Paterson's Curse

Wooragee Landcare has been involved with the control of Paterson's Curse in the area for many years.

Stanley Landcare Group

Long Dicks Gully Restoration

Through a Australia Post Community Development Grant, this project commenced in 2006 and involves earthworks, weed control and path construction...

Upper Murray Landcare Network

Upper Murray Network Newsletters

The network produces a newsletter twice yearly that is distributed to all landholders.

Mitta Valley Landcare Group


Deer talks; hunting; community engagement Starting the conversation on the issues faced by the community when dealing with game deer...

Rutherglen Landcare Group

Community Energy Information Session

Join us to hear about opportunities to explore possibilities for new ways for communities to explore local energy production.

NE Dung Beetle Project

Do it with Dung Newsletters

These newsletters were produced as part of the Do it with Dung project.

North East Ecological Farmers

Better Farming Project

Improving Sustainable Management Practices in North East Victoria.

Upper Murray Catchment Landcare Group

Indi River Management Plan

The Upper Murray Catchment Landcare Group have partnered with the NSW Murray Catchment Management Authority with support from the North...

Burgoigee Creek Landcare Group

Trial Sites - Managing Pastures for Climate Change

A number of demonstration sites are planned in 2010 and 2011.The farmer managed sites will be set up in Murmungee...

Golden Point Landcare Group

Forest Creek Action Plan:Turning Community Vision into Rehabilitation Actions

Forest creek Action Plan

Muckleford Catchment Landcare Group

Buloke preservation

Fencing off a rare stand of Bulokes (allocasuarina luehmanni) Allocasuarina luehmanni, more commonly known as Buloke, was once very common...

Northern United Forestry Group

Master Tree Grower's Course

During August and September 2008 the Northern United Forestry Group delivered the Melbourne University 'Master Tree Growers' course.

Friends of Campbells Creek

Developing Precinct Plans

This is where we publish finalised Precinct Plans once they are endorsed by our important stakeholders: the public land and...

Murrayville Landcare Group

Community Awareness and Education

The Landcare group has run many activities over the past 13 years; including - Field Days & Workshops - No-till-...

Sea Lake Landcare Group

Sustainable Farming Project

Tyrrell College Ag-Hort Students inconjuction with Sea Lake Landcare group are undertaking the planning and operating of a scale size...

Yelta Landcare Group

Cowanna Bend Bank Stabilisation

Bank stabilisation has been undertaken by Yelta Landcare Group at Cowanna Bend to reduce erosion, sedimentation and to curb destructive...

Bald Hills Creswick Landcare Group

Hammon Park - Tree Planting

Commemorating 100 Years of Forestry in Creswick In 2009 Bald Hills - Creswick landcare group was approached by Rob Youl,...

Kooloonong Natya Landcare Group


Millewa-Carwarp Landcare Group

Alternative Fodder Study

A small scale project that will study the value and usage of native perennials for their potential grazing value.

Yea High School Junior Landcare Group

Nest Boxes Project

For the last four years students from Yea High School have been building nest boxes for wildlife which we have...

Mag Dam Advisory Committee

Tree Planting

August 2008.

Sunday Creek-Dry Creek Landcare Group

Gardening after the fire

The Sunday Creek - Dry Creek Landcare Group initiated a plant donation scheme to assist people in the Mitchell Shire...

Yarrawonga Urban Landcare Group

Yarrawonga Aerodrome Wetlands and Reserve

The Yarrawonga Urban Landcare Group is revegetation the Yarrawonga Aerodrome Wetlands with Australian Native Trees, shrubs abd ground cover.

Cathedral Landcare Group

Corporate Tree planting day

On the 27th June, Corporate volunteers from the National Australia Bank descended on the property of South Cathedral Landcare Group members...

Strathallan Family Landcare Group

Strathallan Bridge

This historic bridge is often visted by travellers taking a break, the adjacent reserve is one of the few places...

Strathbogie Tableland Landcare Group


STLG information and activities - produced quarterly. Newsletter links at left.

Glenaroua Land Management Group

Nestle - Landcare Mobile Enviro-care Unit

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