Flood Recovery Resources

Practical land management flood recovery information. These webpages include information on livestock, fencing, waterways, soils, weeds, riparian vegetation, erosion, wildlife, horticulture, grants and financial assistance, and how to volunteer to help with the flood recovery.

The information in these links comes from a range of sources including Agriculture Victoria, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), VicEmergency, Department of Health (Vic), Catchment Management Authorities, Disaster Recovery Australia, and BlazeAid.

These flood recovery resources webpages have been compiled by Victorian Landcare Program staff at the DEECA after the floods in Victoria towards the end of 2022.

As additional flood recovery land management-related information becomes available it will be linked to these webpages. Note - if any of the links aren't working, or if there is other flood-related land management information or webpages that could be included here please send the information to John Robinson (DEECA) via landcare@delwp.vic.gov.au

Please go to the links below for more information on each topic.  


Impact of floods on erosion and building sediment fences.


Farm recovery after flood.

Fencing & stock containment areas

Fencing guidelines in flood-prone areas, land class fencing, stock containment areas, BlazeAid and wildlife friendly fences.

Grants & financial assistance

Flood recovery grants and financial assistance available.


Horticulture after flooding.


Livestock and animal welfare.

Personal well-being

Travelling the road to recovery videos from Dr.Rob Gordon and trauma fact sheets.

Riparian vegetation

Riparian and instream vegetation and flooding.






Volunteer to assist with the flood recovery with Disaster Recovery Australia and/or BlazeAid.

Waterways & farm water

Impact of floods on waterways, farm and livestock water, and blackwarter events.


There is risk of increased weed invasion after emergencies such as floods.


Wildlife emergency response information.