Fencing & stock containment areas

Fencing guidelines in flood-prone areas, land class fencing, stock containment areas, BlazeAid and wildlife friendly fences.

Fencing guidelines for flood-prone areas 

Fencing guidelines flood-prone areas (North Central CMA)

Land class fencing

After a flood there is an opportunity to re-think a property's layout, including internal fences. Consider renewing internal fences by land classes. Doing a property management planning or whole farm plan course may assist with this process.    

Re-fencing-considerations-after-fire-or-flood (Agriculture Victoria)

Stock containment areas

Managing livestock after an emergency can be challenging, particularly when large areas of the farm have been affected. The loss of feed requires more intensive farming practices until pastures have re-established and the soil is able to withstand livestock without causing erosion or pugging. There is also a higher risk of weed infestation with imported feed. One of the best ways to minimise weed infestations and erosion and help pastures to recover is to remove stock from normal paddocks and feed them in a stock containment area.

Stock containment areas (Agriculture Victoria)

Stock containment areas for emergencies - factsheet (Agriculture Victoria)

Water supply in stock containment areas (Agriculture Victoria)

BlazeAid - help with rebuilding fences  

BlazeAid is volunteer-based organisation that works with families, landowners and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as floods and fires. Working alongside rural landowners BlazeAid volunteers help rebuild fences that have been damaged or destroyed in disasters such as floods. Contact BlazeAid here

BlazeAid has a number of base camps in Victoria and the volunteers based at these camps are helping rebuild fences destroyed by the floods last year. The BlazeAid base camps in Victoria as at mid-January 2023:

Kerang VIC

Lockington VIC

Moonambel VIC 

Riddells Creek VIC

Swanpool VIC

More details at BlazeAid

Landmate - help with rebuilding fences  

Landmate can provide low cost labour for eligible environmental projects in some parts of regional Victoria, including fencing. Landmate crews consist of:

  • a Landmate crew leader, who supervises the prisoner crew at all times. All Landmate crew leaders are highly qualified in security and management of prisoners and have communications back to their base prison
  • a crew of 4-9 prisoners trained to perform environmental tasks.

Crews travel in a 4 wheel drive vehicle with a tandem trailer fitted out with all the tools they require. Landmate complies with Worksafe requirements and staff are trained in use of chainsaws and chemicals as well as level two first aid.

Disaster recovery work

Following natural disasters, such as flood, storm and fire, Landmate crews may be available to provide recovery works to restore the environment.

Allocation and prioritisation of work is organised by the local council or shire, state government (DEECA) co-ordinator or by independent disaster recovery bodies such as BlazeAid.

Please note that where private landowners have insurance coverage that provides for repair of the damaged fences, Landmate is not able to offer disaster recovery works.

More Information

Go to Landmate.


If you're not sure about whether Landmate can help with your project, please get in contact.

Email:  landmate@justice.vic.gov.au or phone: 1300 365 500

Wildlife friendly fencing

Each year thousands of animals are entangled in fences. Information on how to design wildlife friendly fences is available on Wildlife Rescue's website.