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The Growling Grass Frog (Litoria raniformis) hasn't been identified in Yinnar / Yinnar South for many years. Did it die out in the drought? Or is there still a population here? They call from August to April during their breeding season.
The last confirmed identification of this frog was near a dam in Nuttalls Road many years ago. It is a bright green basking frog with a distictive growling or cackling call. You can listen to it on the Frogs of Australia website. Max Cranwell, who led a frog night for Boolarra South Landcare group,  is very interested to hear from anyone who finds them. There is also some Landcare funding available for habitat protection.
You may be interested to know that those little low fences along the Pakenham bypass are all about stopping Growling Grass Frogs from crossing the road.
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