Landmate Environment Program

Get labour for your environmental project

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Landmate works in partnership with environmental organisations to provide low cost labour on eligible projects throughout regional areas in Victoria. We service areas within 100km of Ararat, Beaufort, Beechworth, Castlemaine and Dhurringile.

Landmate supports valuable environmental projects by providing services such as:

  • fencing
  • tree planting, watering and guarding
  • noxious weed control with hand removal and herbicide application of woody weeds
  • vermin control such as fumigation of rabbit warrens
  • erosion reduction
  • general land reclamation and improvement activities.

The program is delivered by Corrections Victoria. Landmate crews consist of 4-9 prisoners trained to perform environmental tasks. Crews are supervised by crew leaders who are highly qualified in security and management of prisoners. Landmate has a 25-year history of working in Victoria to benefit the environment and assist in the rehabilitation of prisoners.

To find out more and see examples of how Landmate has worked with Landcare groups, CMAs and other environmental groups, please visit, or contact: 1300 365 500.