This project is live

To re-establish native vegetation and wetland on the riverbank of the Thomson River above the Cowwarr Weir.
River-front flood-plain land upstream of the Cowwarr Weir previously used as a camping ground had been over-run with weeds and wombats. The plan is to establish a wetland and walkways for public access to the re-established vegetation.
We've planted our Sign near the Weir Entrance in a patch of undisturbed Kangaroo grass. While we are waiting for funding opportunities to establish the lake and create walk-ways, we are working on the weeds. The current plan is to choke out the weeds by planting black wattle or similar species - grow quickly and steal all the sunlight. These can be replaced with our target species as they die out. Well - that's the plan. In the meantime, we're planting out the cleared areas as the opportunity arises.
For the Spring, we're focused on weed control of the thistles, hemlock, mustard weed, and just working at the edges of the blackberry and blue periwinkle. Working bee on the first Sunday after our meeting date of the first Wednesday! The resident wombats continue to take a toll on the tree-guards.