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A collection of information including manuals, hand outs and links to other resources for participants of our Property management planning courses
Manuals and General Information about Farm Planning
I've bought a property - now what ? (CG fact sheet)
Farm Plan 21 Manual
Caring for country booklet
Building Healthy Soils and Soil Fertility - Notes by Chris Allenson
The Soil Foodweb - Notes by E.R. Ingham
World's soil is at risk - Notes by Australian Soil Consortium
Managing gullies, tunnels and mass movement
Managing soil on my property (CG factsheet)
Landslips and erosion
Pastures - carrying capacity (CG factsheet)
Water and waterways
Stock and waterways: a manager's guide
Enhance your farm dam
Melbourne Water Stream Frontage Management Program
Native Vegetation
Direct Seeding factsheet 1: Overview
Direct Seeding factsheet 2: Benefits
Direct Seeding factsheet 3: Successful elements
Direct Seeding factsheet 4: Machines
Direct Seeding factsheet 5: More resilient
Direct Seeding factsheet 6: Combined revegetation
Direct Seeding factsheet 7: Benefits
Protect and enhance remnant native vegetation
Revegetation planner
Create practical shelter belts using native plants

Nationally Protected Threatened Species and Vegetation Communities - Australian Government website

State Protected Threatened Species and Vegetation Communities - Victorian Government website

Native Vegetation Regulations - State Government website
Ecological Vegetation Classes to assist with revegetation
State Government revegetation standards guide
Biodiversity Interactive Map that can assist with determining EVC type for your property
Convert problem wet areas into valuable habitat
Develop a woodlot for fuel and wildlife habitat
Weeds and Pests
Your guide to the weeds of central Victoria
Managing Weeds on Farms (CG factsheet)
Rabbit management guide
DEDJTR (State Gov) website with information on weeeds and pests and your responsibilities as a land owner
Pestsmart website - information on best practice pest control
Macedon Ranges Shire Council weeds information
Fire Recovery Resources for Landholders
DELWP Victorian Landcare Program information page
Landcare Australia website
Australian Government National Landcare Program website
Local Government info and documents
Macedon Ranges Shire Council website - Waste & Environment
Mitchell Shire Council website - Environment

Planning Overlays and Zones - interactive map

Macedon Ranges Shire Council Planning Scheme Zones
Animal welfare basics (CG factsheet)
Water for livestock (CG factsheet)
Pastures - carrying capacity (CG factsheet)
Beef Cattle Production: Managing a small beef herd (CG factsheet)
Owning a Small Sheep Enterprise (CG factsheet)
Horticulture / Viticulture
Pasture management on horse properties (CG factsheet)
Sustainable management for healthy equine properties (CG factsheet)
Macedon Ranges Shire Council Equine Strategy
Mitchell and Surrounds Equine Landcare group - Facebook page