This project is live

The Christmas Hills Landcare Group is running a project to enable local people to detect the presence of different native fauna species, record their observations spatially (ie on a map), and share their observations on the internet.
The Christmas Hills Landcare Group is running a project to improve our knowledge of, and connection to, the native fauna that occurs in Christmas Hills.
To date we have been successful in securing funds to purchase some motion-sensing, infrared trail cameras, a megaphone for playing the calls of owls (to elicit calls in response), a portable PA system for playing the calls of frogs and small birds, and different nest boxes designed to suit the needs of three small local mammal species - the Brush-tailed Phascogale, the Slender-tailed Dunnart, and the Eastern Pygmy Possum.
We have established borrowing, usage, and recording protocols for the cameras and owl call playback equipment, and these are now available to participating landholders to see what species they can detect on their own properties.
Several short videos of fauna captured on the cameras can be viewed on the Christmas Hills Landcare Group YouTube Channel: