This project is live

The Wedderburn CMN has gained Caring for our Country funding for three years, (2010 - 2013) to conduct protection and enhancement works on Box Gum Grassy Woodland and Buloke Woodland communitires in the Wedderburn area.

The Box-Gum grassy woodlands and derived grasslands were formerly widespread along the western slopes and tablelands of the Great Dividing Range from Southern Queensland to Victoria. Precise mapping of these woodland communities are not available, but they are represented in a number of Ecological Vegetation Classes found in the Wedderburn area, which are well mapped.
The Wedderburn CMN's focus area covers approximately 100 000ha roughly from Mt Kerang and Wychitella in the north, Fiery FlatĀ  and Powlett in the east, Mt Kooyoora to the south and Nine Mile / Berrimal in the west. For this project the group is looking to protect and enhance at least 415ha of Box Gum Grassy Woodlands within this focus area.
Anyone within this area is most welcome to put forward their interest if they would like to have some works done on their property. Contact Wendy Murphy on 0438 384 053 or