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Rabbit management in the Ravenswood Valley
In July 2014, in response to the increasing prevalence of rabbits in the Ravenswood Valley, the local Landcare group developed an action plan to encourage and assist local landholders to create awareness of the impact of rabbits and to provide strategies to reduce rabbit numbers. 
Rabbits are destroying pastures and native vegetation and the replacement species are mostly invasive weeds such as Cape Weed and Corkscrew grass. Unprotected soils are prone to erosion causing loss of topsoil, gully and tunnel erosion and salinity. The watercourse and banks of both the Bullock and Buckeye Creeks are eroded from rabbits building extensive warrens and overgrazing. This undermines old trees and causes loss of native grasses. 
Objective 1 
To reduce the rabbit population in the Ravenswood Valley to alleviate pressure on agriculture production and to minimise damage to the environment specifically related to native plant and animal species.
This will be achieved by: 
Implementing an effective rabbit management program in the Ravenswood Valley.
Providing advice and assistance to landholders on strategies to manage rabbit numbers to less than two per spotlight kilometre.
Increasing the knowledge, skills and capability of landholders to implement on going rabbit control works.
Encouraging adjoining landholders to work together to implement strategies that will eradicate rabbits.
Working with landholders to create an awareness of the environmental degradation that rabbits are creating.
Creating a list of rabbit control contractors.
Hold a Public Meeting to explain the importance of reducing rabbits in the area. Hold Rabbit / Pest Control Field Day demonstrating various control measures.
Using transects, monitor the impact of the program by evaluating rabbit populations over a 3 year period. A minimum of six landholders will undertake transects in September, December, March and June. The report will show the impact of the project.
Objective 2 
To manage the removal and reduce the spread of weeds in the Ravenswood Valley. 
This will be achieved by: 
Informing landholders of their legal responsibilities regarding weeds and pests and offer advice on control options.
Maintain weed spraying equipment and educate members on use of equipment.
Objective 3
Increase membership of the Ravenswood Valley Landcare Group 
This will be achieved by:
Mobilising a community action campaign to educate and support landholders to understand the importance of maintaining the health and beauty of their local landscape.
Designing and distributing an information brochure for all landholders. The brochure will include – information about rabbit damage, resources available, how Ravenswood Valley Landcare group can assist with information and equipment.
Use of media and social media to promote the activities of R.V.L.G.