This project is live

This project started on 1 Jan 2010

This has been our major on-ground project since 2010 with many project sites along the Bendigo Creek between Howard St Epsom and Tennyson Rd Huntly.

Project goals were to;
* Raise awareness of the Bendigo Creek Streamside Reserve (its unique history, current assets and threats and future potential)
* Protect and enhance habitat values
* Increase connectivity along the riparian corridor and across the landscape linking the Whipstick and Wellsford forests.

Since 2010 we have carried out huge amounts of revegetation and weed control, conducted monitoring, installed nest boxes and implemented many innovative community and youth engagement events.

We have worked with land managers, natural resource management agencies, stakeholders, neighbouring landholders, CFA, TAFE, Menshed, private businesses and local primary schools to maximise our on-ground achievements and grow our message.

We strongly believe that the Reserve, despite its very chequered history and highly modified state, is a valuable natural corridor even more important due to its position in a rapidly developing area of Bendigo. The Reserve also has huge potential as a recreational zone with the extension of existing bike trails and as an educational tool to build knowledge and skills with youth and foster custodianship among the public.