This project is live

This project started on 1 Jan 1993

MULGA obtained grants between 1993 and 2006 to establish 11 small fenced exclosures in parts of the Maldon Historic Reserve, to protect both the existing native vegetation and future natural regeneration from damage by animals, particularly rabbits. In 2015 photograph albums were uncovered in MULGA’s archives, and which provided some limited information about the exclosures, however the few MULGA members closely involved in the past exclosure work are no longer here to provide more details. Consequently, significant time and effort by current MULGA members was contributed to locate each exclosure. A plant identification day, attended by a number of MULGA members, was then held in September 2015, where each exclosure was visited and photographed and a plant identification list for each exclosure was made by Frances Cincotta, from Newstead Natives. The data and location for the 11 fenced exclosures are now entered on the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas. MULGA members will continue in the long-term to monitor the flora and maintain the fencing for each exclosure
Go to for links to a map showing the location of each exclosure, and a plant list for each exclosure.