This project is live

This project started on 1 Jan 2017

The Kara Kara CMN is based in St Arnaud in north-central Victoria, an ecologically-diverse region containing sizeable tracts of remnant native woodland, including one of Victoria's largest remaining patches of Box-Ironbark forest. However, in some areas, the combined effects of historic land use practices and climatic factors such as a drying climate have reduced habitat quality in these native woodlands.

The Network's Nest-box Project aims to improve habitat quality for native fauna, particularly for threatened and declining species such as Brush-tailed Phascogale, Southern Boobook Owl and Laughing Kookaburra - species that were once common in the region but are now in serious decline.

Constructed by students at three regional colleges, nest-boxes are installed in remnant native woodland or within biolinks on private properties within the region, helping to relieve the competition for nest hollows within our native forests. Our monitoring program then tracks nest-box usage to determine what species are using them.