Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network

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Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network - Download (4 KB)

This strategic plan has been prepared under the auspice of the Steering Committee in collaboration with member groups, and with funding provided through the North Central Catchment Management Authority as part of Victorian Government’s Community Landcare Grants Program and the Victorian Landcare Support Strategy. Apart from general and contextual information, the plan contains key strategies and actions that will contribute to the Network’s vision of capable, well-connected, well resourced, well-supported independent autonomous groups united in a community of practice, engaged in all levels of natural resource management, and actively bringing about positive resource condition change.

     The plan adopts a risk management approach based on the current and revised Risk Management ISO Standard 31000.2018 in that it looks to base our decision-making and strategic direction based on the opportunities and risk factors that either facilitate or imperil our success at being able to contribute effectively to the functions, outcomes and goal of the above framework.      The plan exists as a living document that allows for adaptation and improvement at the action scale, and so is flexible enough to be able to adjust the organisations direction in response to a changing environment – whether physical, social, economic, regulatory or political.      At its core, the plan is intended to ensure the Network remains an effective service organisation to its member groups and continues to provide essential support these groups. Most importantly, it is acknowledged that the strength and resilience of Landcare across the Network is having an active and involved volunteer base. Therefore, helping to maintain and increase membership or participation in groups will be a core responsibility for facilitators and committee members.