This project is live

Winner 1999 State Rivercare Award
What is it? This is a project, commenced in 1998, to rehabilitate 10km of streambank downstream from the township of Creswick by eradicating woody weeds & pest animals, erecting streamside fencing to restrict stock, & establishing indigenous tree plantations. It is currently ongoing.


Who are the main players? The Group is the main player with support from Hepburn Shire Council, Central Highlands Water, North Central Catchment M'ment Authority, and DNRE.
How is it funded? Funding over 3yrs came from the Bushcare programme of the Natural Heritage Trust with added support from the above organisations. Signs near the creek on Clunes Rd. Creswick, Gillies Rd. Long Point and Ring Rd. Creswick near tip highlight the works.