This project is live

Wooragee Landcare were fortunate to receive a grant under the Wettenhall Small Environmental Grant scheme. The grant for $10,000 will help the group undertake a pilot Banksia marginata restoration project in the Wooragee Landcare area and help other groups to plant them.
We have several aims including:
• raising awareness about the value of this plant and the need to restore it into landscapes where it has dramatically diminished
• getting some genetic testing done to see how healthy the population is
• propagating plants and establishing seed production areas to allow future large-scale revegetation

Banksia marginata, once common across the region, has experienced a major decline since white settlement. In the North-East region, B. marginata is now restricted to only a small number of remnant populations in the foothills and mountains. Banksia are wonderful habitat plants especially for honeyeaters, native insects and gliders like the tiny gorgeous Feather-tail Glider
Fleur Stelling and Sue Brunskill are the Landcare representatives and Jim Blackney has been employed by the Landcare group to co-ordinate this project. We are working with other groups in Victoria, and the Australian Network for Plant Conservation.