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Helen & Peter Curtis from the Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group have now published 'Floodplain Woodland Plants of North East Victoria: Idenfication of natives and weeds and practical management for bush regeneration projects'. This book provides an aid to identifying and managing the native and weed riverine woodland plants in the North East of Victoria.

The information in the book is based on knowledge obtained by the authors from their practical experience in bush regeneration while working for 12 years in Kaluna Park with members of the Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group. Kaluna Park contains riverine woodland species, and is representative of many similar sites across Victoria.
About this book
The 110 page spiral bound book contains a selection of plants divided into four categories: Trees and Shrubs, Herbs and Climbers, Grasses and Grass-like Plants, and Look Alikes.
It describes and identifies 56 native plants  and 79 weeds with a total of 338 coloured images
Each weed described has treatments for its control, and includes difficult weeds such as Periwinkle, Ivy, Onion Grass, Lippia, Madeira Winter-cherry and Tree of Heaven.
The book is written for practical field use.  An innovation is the section on Look Alikes that identifies the differences between some native and weed plants with a similar appearance
There is a nine page section on bush restoration which is illustrated with 18 coloured images
An index using both botanical and common names and a glossary assists the reader.
You can purchase the book for $12 from Wangaratta Collins Booksellers, Edgars Newsagency and Information Centre, and from the Wangaratta Library.
The book is also available for $16.00 per copy, including GST and postage. If you wish to purchase copies of this book, please send a cheque for the appropriate amount payable to Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group to:
Helen & Peter Curtis
Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group
PO Box 465
Wangaratta Vic 3676
or email