This project is live

We have received funding to assist Landcare members with revegetation works (planting of native species). We are now taking expressions of interest from landholders who would like to undertake work on their properties.

Funds can be used for works (fencing and plants) that will achieve at least one of the following outcomes:
- increased biodiversity- protection of older trees- erosion control and gully stabilisation- fencing off water ways and wet areas.
Plantings must be an average of 20m wide, or 10m from banks/gullies.
What's on offer?
- A fencing subsidy of $2.50 metre
- Supply of native plants (at least half of the plants need to be unstorey plants that are native to your area (shrubs, grasses, groundcovers).
Landholders agree to:
- Prepare and maintain sites- Provide stakes and guards- Erect fences (if applicable), and undertake plantings (plantings usually occur in Winter).
"Expressions of interest" forms can be downloaded from the "FORMS" folder on this website.