This project is live

This project ran in 2009-2010 and involved dung beetle releases and monitoring across NE Victoria and Corowa shire in NSW

Volunteer dung beetle monitoring
The Project set up over 100 monitoring sites across North East Victoria and Corowa shire (NSW). The sites were monitored fortnightly by volunteers over a 15-month period. The results have provided important information on:
*what species are present across the region
*the activity period of species (eg November - March)
*geographical and seasonal gaps in dung beetle activity.
The data will used to plan future releases of dung beetles
A series of dung beetle identification and monitoring workshops were held across the region
Over 200,000 beetles were released across the region
Species trials
Soil cores and tents were established at strategic locations across the region to trial a number of species that are not known to be established in the area. The trIal results have given an indication of whether these species should be considered for future introductions.
Dung Beetle Releases
The monitoring results will be used to determine where further dung beetle releases are required throughout the area. It is likely that the focus of releases will be autumn and winter-active species.
Field Days
A number of themed field days were held across the region during 2009-2010. There was a focus on caring for dung beetles, parasite and grazing management, soil health and carbon sequstration potential.
Newsletter outlining project activities and monitoring results were distributed on a regular basis. These are available on the project website.
This project was funded by Caring for our Country, and Ovens Landcare Network and received support from NECMA and regional Landcare Groups.
See the North East Dung Beetle website for dung beetle resources and monitoring results