This project is live

This project aims to promote soil improvement through the growth of pastures and deep-rooted perennials through the introduction of the earthworm species, Aporrectodea longa from Tasmania to North East Victoria.
Earthworm activity is associated with increased soil fertility, enhanced soil microbial activity, quicker incorporation of lime into the soil profile,  increased water infiltration and reduced soilcompaction. Aporrectodea longa operates at a greater soil depth than  other earthworm species, and researchers have identified that  these benefits include improvements to the chemical, physical and biological properties.
Five nursery sites will be established across NE Victoria in differing climatic and soil zones to rear the earthworms for later redistribution. Three field days, promoted via the world wide web and newsletters, will be held in the Upper Murray, Kiewa and Ovens Valleys to promote the project and earthworm friendly farming strategies.