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The Yarraby reserve has had a clean up and new fence installed to improve this lovely bushland reserve.

Yarraby Flora & Fauna Reserve gets a Landcare Hand.
The Yarraby Flora & Fauna Reserve near Nyah has recently had some environmental works conducted to improve this beautiful Belah/Mallee vegetation node.
The reserve was once the home of the Yarraby Football / Tennis club and the Yarraby Primary School. Ian Watson informs me that he attended this school with 6 other Mallee children. When the school closed the building was moved to Borchards on Yarraby rd opposite the Nyah Cemetery, where it still is now.
The Reserve has never had a front fence and unfortunately in recent times with the Nyah tip closing and the user pays system at the Swan Hill tip now in force ‘Littering in this reserve” has become a major problem.
Rabbits have been ripped, Litter has been picked up and taken to the Swan Hill Tip, a new Parks Victoria sign installed to give the Park some ownership and a new fence has been installed to deter litterers. A new boundary fence has also been built on the eastern side of the reserve between Ian Watsons and the Reserve and the remaining fencing has been patched up.
This is a beautiful Parks Victoria Reserve for the public to come into and enjoy and is home to many species of Flora & Fauna. The public is welcome to visit and enjoy the wildlife and history within these reserves. It is a shame that some members of our society only see these small reserves as a dumping ground. Hopefully our work in the Yarraby Reserve will deter these people from this illegal littering activity.
Thanks to Mike & Ian Watson, Parks Victoria and the Mallee Catchment Management Authority’s Environmental Employment Project Landcare workers for the excellent job.Parks Victoria Staff & Landcare MEEP crews working in Partnership to improve the Yarraby Reserve. 12/08