This project is live

The Merton Landcare members have been active over the past three years in raising awareness about the Merton Creek and its tributaries and the resident Southern Pygmy Perch. Merton Creek and its tributaries are less vegetated and erosion is active along the banks. There is strong community support to extend or begin fencing and revegetation work along the reaches of Merton Creek and the tributaries - Pickatooth, Hut and Menham Creeks. These riparian works will protect creek banks from stock access, reduce turbidity, stabilise erosion, improve in-stream habitat and provide a corridor of vegetation from the Strathbogie Ranges to the extensive Grey Box grassy woodland in the valley - linking the hills to the newly developed rail trail. Merton Landcare intends to conduct a walk along the Merton Creek in Spring to prioritise on ground works.
Members of Merton Landcare visited a 'showcase' property in Strath Creek that demonstrates an excellent example of riparian revegetation works.