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The Goulburn Valley Tree group has a native plant nursery at 4-6 Kerford St Tatura, which sells about 40,000 plants per annum. Species include local eucalypts and wattles as well as other native species that thrive in this area. Prices: $ 75 for a box of 48 trees of the same variety, $ 2 each plant for a mixed box or single trees. The trees help provide a range of environmental benefits for various customers. Farmers are able to create windbreaks and woodlots to be used as CO2 offsets, while households are able to utilise smaller gums and acacias in garden settings.
All work at the nursery is undertaken by voluntary labour from members as well as assistance from other local community groups. GVTG has about 25 financial members (predominantly made up of local Tatura farmers or retired citizens) who have donated over 10 000 hours of volunteer labour to their cause since 1984.
The nursery has produced over 1,000,000 trees since its inception in 1986. When the nursery has trees available for sale (generally autumn to mid winter) it is open on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 9 am to 11.30 am.
Goulburn Valley Tree group meet at 12 noon, every 2nd Tuesday of every month other than August, at the Tree Group Nursery, 4-6 Kerford St Tatura, all are welcome.
To ring the nursery phone 0400 059765
Postal Address: 4-6 Kerford St
Street Address: 4-6 Kerford St
Town: Tatura