This project is live

Annually: Collection of locally indigenous seeds (December); seed sowing workshop (January); pricking out working bees (February - March); submission of expression of interest by members (April-May); allocation of plants to members (May); call for expression of interest by community members (May-June); distribution of plants; collaborative planting.

 Propagation Project
Our solution to the lack of local indigenous trees, understory and grasses available for revegetation has been to propagate our own. In 2007 with the encouragement and assistance of our then co-ordinator Geoff Boyes, Delatite Landcare members erected a hothouse on the O’Brien property in Davies Rd Merrijig. In 2008 we sowed seeds of locally indigenous species, and following their germination, we produced over 5000 tube stock which were distributed for use in Landcare and other community revegetation projects. We began the process again a couple of weeks ago and the hothouse is now full of seed trays containing germinating plants.
 We expect this to be a continuing feature of Delatite Landcare activities, so we’ll be looking for people to help with seed collection and all the subsequent tasks needed to continue this valuable project.
 And of course in a few months’ time, we’ll be asking for members and perhaps their neighbours to indicate their interest in ordering these trees and understory plants for their own revegetation projects.