This project is live

The Society co-operates with the local and state governments in maintaining a number of reserves.

The Society maintains the following reserves:
Naringal East Picnic Reserve
Old school site which was permanently reserved as a crown land as a result of the Society’s initiatives. 0.8 ha which has been reverted to bush and is habitat for bristle.
Halls Swamp
10ha, including 2ha of swamp. 2,000 trees have been planted around the swamp.
Grass Tree Plains Reserve
6ha set aside for education but never used. It has some bush and tree planting has been done in the cleared area.
The Society has been involved in the acquiring land for the reserves in the following ways:
 The Doug Fenwick Reserve
Was purchased when a public appeal resulted in $20,000 being raised locally leading to government Victoria Conservation Trust support. The Doug Fenwick Reserve later become the responsibility of another community group.
The Ralph Illidge Sanctuary Extension
Was acquired after another appeal run by the Society raised $30,000 towards this 51 ha addition to the Ralph Illidge Sanctuary.
Kurri-Kurri Reserve
Kurri-Kurri Reserve was purchased by the Kurri-Kurri Co-operative after meetings convened by the Society resulted in the formation of the Co-operative.
Pallisters’ Reserve
An extensive 101 ha wetland at Orford was purchased by the Victorian Conservation Trust with the assistance of two payments of $5,000. The funds were raised by the Society.