This project is live

Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare Network has several revegetation projects underway and planned:
* Reveg The Flume (a long term project that is revegetating the dune system around Lady Bay).
* Harris on Merri (a nearly completed, multi-year project revegetating a disused rubblish tip on Harris Street, Warrnambool beside the Merri River).
* Platypus Park (revegetating the riparian area near Membery Way, Warrnambool beside the Merri River)
* Willow & Woody Weed Removal and revegetation at several sites between Caramut Rd and Wollaston Bridge, Warrnambool)
* Maam Biolink - planning is underway for this biolink that aims to connect the Hopkins River with the Merri River, via Russells Creek and Maam Wetland Reserve.
* Victoria Park revegetation - being planned by Friends of Victoria Park.
* Blue Wren Biolinks - a multifaceted urban and peri-urban project to create vegetation corridors and 'stepping stones' through Warrnambool and district to facilitate the movement of wildlife.