The Panyyabyr Landcare Group covers the Moutajup, Karabeal and Woodhouse area around Dunkeld. There are several courses and projects that the group is involved in e.g. Healthy Grazing Pastures (Soils), EverGraze - Grazing Management, Lifetime Ewe Management, Trees to the River etc.The Panyyabyr Landcare Group is situated in the Victoria Valley, north-west of Dunkeld in Western Victoria.  Initially, our group area covered over 50,000 hectares and includes some of the most picturesque landscapes of the Western District, with the Grampians Range forming a dramatic backdrop to the open Karabeal plains to the south and redgum woodlands to the north.  The area is continually expanding as membership grows, bringing with it the stimulation of fresh faces, new ideas, more issues, thoughts and solutions. 
The Panyyabyr Landcare Group formed in March 1993 with good participation rates right from the start.  It places strong emphasis on events and issues that involve the whole family as we aim to teach our children the ?landcare ethic while they are still young, and pass this wonderful land onto them in a sustainable and healthy shape.