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Individuals and groups were recognised at Glenelg Hopkins Environmental Achievement Awards in Hamilton held on Thursday, 25 August 2011 for making significant contributions to improving the environment of the south west.
Panyyabyr Landcare Group was the winner of the Southern Grampians Shire Council's Landcare and Community Group Award and the Victorian Landcare Awards.     

The Panyyabyr Landcare Group oversees more than 50,000 of some of Victoria’s most picturesque landscapes at the foot of the Grampians Ranges.
The group formed in 1993, enjoying strong participations rates from the outset.
It places strong emphasis on issues and events that involve the entire family, in the belief that teaching children the “Landcare ethic” is an important way of safeguarding the environment into the future.
One of the group’s current projects involves treating the landscape as one large farm, aiming to join all residents and farms to the Wannon River and swamps via extensive vegetation corridors.
The group has also overseen Innovative fox control project in partnership with neighbouring Landcare groups and Parks Vic.
Panyyabyr Landcare Group members Shaun and Lisa McIntyre were recognised for their contributions receiving the Biosys Agribusiness Individual or Partnership Achievement Award.
Passionate about the environment and sustainable farming methods, Shaun and Lisa have been active participants and leaders in the Panyyabyr Landcare Group since its formation in 1993.
During that time, they have been a driving force behind much of the work undertaken by the group.
Agents of change in the wider farming community, Shaun and Lisa use and demonstrate sustainable practices on their own property.
These include practical demonstrations and field trials of pasture, weed control, soil health and farm forestry.