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Brief history of Cape Nelson Land care Group from 1995- 2007/08.
1995-Cape Nelson Land care Group was formed with 24 members representing 13/16 properties.1997- Lynn voted president, Mimi –Secretary.Green Corridor Project begins- seed collection and propagation assisted by Alcoa. Direct seeding by Greening Australia.
Direction of Group proactive- in accordance with the Coastal Strategy- conservators and developers of Cape’s scenic qualities (improving landscape and facilities for residents and tourism).Master plan of Cape Nelson approved by DNRE.
Approval in principle given to CNLC to be Committee of Management of Major Mitchell reserve.
Rotary involved in development of Yellow Rock car park.
Official opening of CNLC Corridors of Green project.
Signage for Feed lots and Kobo Crk Rd erected.
Windfarms mooted for Cape Nelson (Primergy).Support in principle given by CNLC as very limited in size and on feed lot land.
1998-Funding for weed control for MM Reserve- spraying undertaken. Goat shoot. Issues with koalas. Fox-off.
Employment of Land care workers. Planting undertaken at Peddies, Taffs, Eldridges, Murrells,O’Briens ,Trewavis and Malings to Oak Park Rd.
 1999- Group forced to become reactive. Council speculating on proposed Technology Park to be built on what is now Goolagar.
1999-2002- Feedlots-Issues relating to management and expansion especially impact on neighbouring properties.
Conservation for Nature Covenant signed by CNLC and Council. (Picnic Hill Reserve).CNLC meets with Primergy. 2002- Viewing platform built by Rotary. Fencing of Reserve completed with Fencing for the Future funding.
Unresolved issues with signage.
2003-Formed “fighting fund” with 2 fund raising events (Issues hotting up)!
Changed name and scope of group to Friends of Cape Nelson Land care/Coastcare Inc. with a membership of over 25 people.
Reduced speed limit on Cape Nelson Rd to 80 kms /hr.
 Panel hearing EES for Windfarm (Pacific Hydro)Many submissions made and addressed at the 8 week Panel Hearing from CNLC and individuals.
Submissions to Local, State and Federal Govts re feedlot issues. Subsequent delegation and inspection by Glenelg Shire Council.
2004- Incorporated with now defunct Wattle Hill Land care Group.
Trevor Budge to represent group at VCAT hearing re Amendment C12 Incorporated Document. Bore testing began as an outcome of the C12 Amendment.
Second Generation Land care Grants accepted by some members.
Poisoning of gorse on Cape.
2005- Refusal for Kobo Feedlot’s extension for intensive cattle feedlotting on Goolagar.
Ongoing concerns with Draft Plan management issues of feed lots.
2005-06- Letters to State Govt Minister for Planning re power line placement for PWEP.
Signage, roadside vegetation, funding,etc ongoing.
Picnic table and seating erected by Rotary.
2006-07- Picnic Hill Reserve- new gate, interpretive signs, weed eradication, mulch.
Unresolved issues to be followed up re Management Plan for feedlots etc.