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Improve understorey diversity and health through revegetation. Joint project with SurfCoast Shire
Ocean Acres Nature Reserve (OANR) is a 4 Ha Lowland Forest remnant with a mature Messmate overstorey and a disturbed understorey dominated by monocotyledons - Grass-trees (97 specimens surviving), Thatch Saw-sedge and Wattle Matt-rush.
Very few shrubs are present, though typically species such as Silver Banksia, Prickly Tea-tree and Common Flat-peas should be represented. There are large bare areas where no understorey species are growing, and other areas where exotic grasses now dominate.
A study into Grass Tree health within the Reserve was undertaken in 2004 and repeated in 2012. In the years between the two studies, 28 Grass Tree specimens died, possibly from Cinnamon Fungus (not confirmed by tests).  There are 97 individuals remaining and many of these have improved in size and health since 2004.
With this project Torquay Landcare Group aims to improve understorey diversity and health through revegetation with cuttings and seedlings grown from local stock.
These improvements will also benefit fauna habitat structure and complexity by returning the remnant to a more natural condition. OANR is owned and managed by the Surf Coast Shire with the assistance of the local community.