Our purpose

Pryor Park was initially created in the early 1930s for public purposes and public recreation by the City of Ballarat and was named after Joseph Pryor, the City of Ballarat’s Mayor of the time.

The park is now reserved and managed under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978. The City of Ballarat manages the park on behalf of the State Government of Victoria. The Council management is also supported by a local action group called People for Pryor Park.

In addition to this today the park has also been redesigned to play
a unique role in protecting and fostering the Ballarat region’s flora and fauna while also providing much needed recreational open spaces for Ballarat’s large urban sprawl. The park lies on the eastern outskirts of Ballarat, just south of Woodman’s Hill, and forms in a critical bottle neck of a much larger North-South Ballarat Region Wildlife Corridor.

Pryor Park has since 1991, had a local residents action group called People for Pryor Park. This group has worked in close partnership with the City of Ballarat to maintain this park.