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Landcare projects that have been undertaken in the Lismore area include:

Fencing and revegetating waterways have been a key focus for the group over the past 15 years assisted throught the NAP and NHT government program. The main tributaries in the area include Browns Water Holes, Gnarkeet Chain of Ponds, Mundy Gully and Haunted Gully. Landholders are encouraged to contact the Landcare Coordinator (see contacts page) for further information.
Salinity / Erosion
The Department of Primary Industries has employed a salinity officer to work with landholders in the Lismore area. She is visiting landholders who have secondary salinity and erosion issues and is keen to assist. In the past the Landcare group  has also been able to provide some funding to contribute towards improving management of saline areas. For more information on these projects contact your Landcare Coordinator.
Remnant Vegetation
There are potential opportunities through the LLPG / Corangamite Shire for fencing and protecting remnant vegetation, including native grasslands and stony barriers supporting remnant vegetation. We have assisted with funding for fencing of remnant vegetation in the past to improve management of sensitive areas. The Landcare coordinator and other agencies can also potentially assist with site assessments for remnant vegetation; and the new Caring for Our Country government program has identified the Victorian Volcanic Plain and native graslands as of high importance, increasing the chances for funding opportunities in the future. Please contact the Landcare Coordinator for further information.  
Threatened Species
There are a number of threatened species and ecological communities recorded in the area. We are currently seeking funding through the Caring for Our Country process toassist landholders in managing species and areas of high significance. Threatened species recorded in the LLPG area include:
Spiny Rice Flower, Small Milkwort, Adamsons Blown Grass, Natural temperate Grassland of the Victorian Volcanic Plain, Clover Glycine, Spiny Pepper-cressHoary Sunray, Fragrant Leek Orchid
Growling Grass Frog, Striped Lelgess Lizard, Corangamite Water Skink
If you have a threatened species or wish to know more please contact the Landcare Coordinator.
Woodlots / Shelterbelts
Mixed sugar gum or spotted gum woodlots have been funded in the past at Lismore through NLP. Mixed indigenous shelter belts have largely been funded through Second Generation Landcare Grants. The aim is to use the woodlots for shelter, to use excess water from raised bed cropping, to reduce the risks of wind erosion in a cropping environment, for future sawlog and firewood production, for tying up greenhouse gases in the medium to long term and to assist in reducing the water table in the cropping areas to reduce the risks of salinity. Currently we do not have any funding for Woodlots / Shelterbelts but if you want to know more please contact the Landcare Coordinator.
Biological Farming
One of the group’s most innovative projects is their biological farming trials in 2008. Biological farming looks at building the soil microbes to improve soil health, in contrast to conventional farming systems which often rely on herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilisers. The trial was initiated after the group identified that many local farmers were looking at alternative farming systems to improve soil health and crop yield due to the increasing costs associated with conventional farming systems. While there was some anecdotal evidence of the success of biological farming methods as an alternative farming system, local farmers wanted more evidence to prove this claim.
Field Days & Training
The group is open to suggestions on community capacity building events such as workshops and field days Please let us know if you would like to know more about different agricultural and environmental issues. This may include fining out more about climate change, latest funding opportunities, soil health, weeds and pest management ETC.
Schools & Environmental Education