This project is live

During 2010 the Lismore Land Protection Group will be assisting landholders with the establishment of perennial pastures and multi-purpose wide strip small farm woodlots thanks to a Woolworths & Landcare Australia Limited grant

Multi-purpose wide strip demonstration farm woodlots will be established on local farms with sugar gums and spotted gums, as an alternative source of future farm income from firewood, furniture and building timber, honey production, potential bio-energy fuel along with providing environmental and biodiversity outcomes.

Resilient perennial pastures will also be established through a pasture improvement program, utilising species like summer active tall Fescue and Lucerne that will respond to summer rainfall. This aims to ensure sustainable production during varying climatic conditions. The impacts of climate change and variability will have impacts on the long term viability of pastures in a declining rainfall environment, which requires a rethink by farmers of species that are suitable.